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FTN 541: Neo-Khazar Imperialism



Jazz is joined by Mark Collett during real Britannia hours to expand on an earlier discussion of the gift and the curse of social media followed by reactions to ZOG’s damage control apoplexy over the cascade of leaks that confirm their biggest lies. Videos have also emerged of members of the Russian Orthodox Church, including bishops and the elderly, being accosted, detained, and beaten, as part of official Ukie policy under the floundering Jewish Zelensky regime; a telltale sign of its glaring illegitimacy.

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00:00:00 – BakhmuTFO
00:05:00 – Infinite Anti-semitism
00:30:00 – We Apologize Goy
01:00:00 – Manifest Digital Dopamine Destiny
01:20:00 – BREAK
01:32:00 – Unshut Lying Mouths
01:42:00 – Neo-Khazar Imperialism
02:00:00 – Your Firmware Update is Ready
02:20:00 – Harbingers of Illegitimacy
02:31:00 – Heads Will Roll

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