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Jewish Conservative Howard Kurtz Turns to Finkelthink Playbook to Resuscitate DeSantis



Jewish media charlatan Howard Kurtz recently wrote a piece for Fox News’ “Media Buzz” column entitled “How the media are trying to morph DeSantis into a scarier version of Trump”. The article’s subtitle goes on to read: “It’s almost as if there’s no balance in the coverage of candidates.”

For most of our readership, these two sentences read as the banalest cold take most would dare not take the time to scroll further. However I, as a seasoned veteran anti-semite with a 6 millionth sense for the sort of Jewish shenanigans I suspected were about to unfold, read onward.

As expected, Kurtz’s article is a case study in “finkelthink”, a term people think I coined, but is actually a concept I discovered and popularized as part of the white nationalist lexicon.If you’re unfamiliar with finkelthink and want to take a deeper-dive, you can read some primers I’ve written/podcasted about it here, here, and here.

In the meantime, here’s the TLDR; of the Jewish trick Howard Kurtz is foisting on Fox’s captive conservative audience, but first let’s set the stage for the pivot taking shape in the article, which should really be called “How Jew Howie Kurtz Mindfucks MAGA Conservatives Into Embracing DeSantis”.

Forcefed Return to Depolarization/Deradicalization

1. DeSantis was promoted as the purported undisputed frontrunner for the 2024 GOP nomination for POTUS.

2. Trump was de-platformed and mostly out of public view, under threat of indictment, and languishing at Mar-a-Lago as he dodges hourly phone calls from MyPillow guy on how they can still win the 2020 election (okay, I’m making that part up, but I’d be surprised if it weren’t actually true).

3. J-Right media and polling outlets attempted to create the illusion that DeSantis was “gaining steam” and gathering a “grassroots coalition” as Trump was “nowhere to be found” or announcing his own run for president to an “empty room”. Even Trump himself has whined about Fox shilling for DeSantis “so hard and so much”.

5. J-Left media attacked DeSantis enough to seem credibly opposed to him early on as others made the case for him instead, but they have just as much incentive to see DeSantis elected as their conservative media “counterparts” do; that’s because the media is almost universally Jewish.

6. DeSantis tried and failed at pantomiming various Trumpisms from yelling, to name-calling, to lurid gesticulation. The target electorate not only didn’t buy any of this, they openly mocked it.

7. Musk buys Twitter and ushers in a return of the Gevalt Right and kosher and androgynous MAGA at large to the platform. Let’s gooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

7. Trump’s Twitter and Facebook “permanent” suspensions were overturned in advance of the June 2023 expiration of Trump’s exclusive contract with Truth Social.

8. J-Left media becomes apoplectically opposed to DeSantis to the point of laugh-out-loud absurdity. Current top J-Left contender:

The Art of the Fink

With Trump hitting a 14-point lead over DeSantis in recent polling, hope is fading for an ill-fated restoration of Paul Ryan-style neo-cuckservatism. As its host lies flat-lined on the table, Jews frantically begin trying to resuscitate their soon-to-be billion-dollar man who is every bit as diminutive as their previous billion-dollar man.

Finkelthink rests on the premise that the candidate you want to win isn’t capable of winning through traditional means, i.e., running a transparently positive and upbeat campaign on the issues of what each party is for and against. Candidates may lack this capability for various reasons, either because they are short in stature (DeSantis), aren’t very good-looking (DeSantis), lack charisma/viral appeal with voters (DeSantis), lack a promises made, promises kept political track record (DeSantis), or are just outright clumsy and embarrassing (Jeb Bush).

It’s also disadvantageous for a system candidate like DeSantis to be locked in to meaningful policies on which they might be expected to deliver – or that can’t easily be changed to suit whatever is most advantageous to Jewish donors at any given moment.

Instead, Jews entrenched in each sphere of the left/right political paradigm play a role in creating what’s known in psychological terminology as “negative reactance”. Reactance theory was the result of psychological studies undertaken by Jews of the American public following WWII. It is essentially a motivational reaction to offers, persons, rules, and/or regulations that threaten or eliminate specific behavioral freedoms.

In the case of DeSantis, Howard Kurtz wants you to believe that not only DeSantis is under attack, but the justification of the so-called Resistance to Trump as a once-in-a-100-years raging authoritarian was dishonest. You see, according to Kurtz, those lying nanny-state liberals were really after Our Conservative Values™:

“The war on Trump was always rooted in his conservative ideology.”

By shifting the framing from “why you should support this pro-Zionist system shill” to “I hate the left-wing liberal media and they really hate Ron DeSantis” the terms of the sales pitch have become about what DeSantis isn’t instead of what he is. Even more fundamentally, if this institution that you hate (if you write down why you hate it on a piece of paper and drop it on the ground in Ron DeSantis’ home state of Florida you’ll get a felony conviction and go to jail for five years) hates the thing you don’t care about, you’ll like the thing because the thing you hate doesn’t like the thing you don’t care about, so now you’ll care about it.

Before spinning up some of the J-Left’s greatest hits against DeSantis to galvanize conservative reactance, Kurtz doesn’t miss an opportunity to provide the key talking points that will help them maintain their political psychosis:

“DeSantis is being portrayed as a more disciplined and effective purveyor of Trumpism, without the insult wars and grievances that limited his effectiveness.”

Translation: Support DeSantis because he’s just like Trump without all the baggage. They’ve been saying this since 2019.

Kurtz repeats this point again in his final paragraph of the article:

“The wall of media opposition to Donald Trump back in 2015 and 2016 was not, it turns out, a singular event. It was a form of war-gaming that now is targeting another Republican with a very different temperament but very similar political goals.”

Trump. Temperament. Instability. Insult Wars. Ineffectiveness. Lack of Delivery. Baggage. Bad.

DeSantis. Disciplined. Effective. Serious. Stable. Anti-Woke. Just like Trump. Promises kept. Good.

This MKUltra-esque framing will remain in place throughout the primary with the media running cover to increase reactance for Ron. J-Right media will use Joe Biden as a boogeyman for the finkelthink equation, but when we round the corner to the general, my prediction still stands that Biden will resign allowing a Kamala to emerge. Whoever the GOP nominee is at that time will similarly benefit immensely from a Not Kamala political strategy.

This new and unshakeable political reality is the real reason why the Republican Party maintained such a rigid ideological stranglehold and robust system of party gatekeepers since WWII; their Jewish handlers knew implicitly that in order to prevent national socialism from ever coming to American shores, our electorate had to be divided. Two artificial camps were created as a permanent partition between nationalism and socialism. It also wasn’t enough to simply ensure that no one could have nationalism and socialism at the same time. Over the ensuing decades, these fundamental political forms have devolved into neocon jingoism vs corporatism masquerading as faux environmentalism.

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