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Your Weekend Firmware Update



Since there’s no FTN this weekend (get excited for FTN at NJP next weekend), I at least wanted to give you a firmware update on some issues of currency. Here are my top 5:

1. Memphis/Tyre Nichols

When I watched the video the first time, I didn’t realize all five cops were black. Once I did, I was somewhat surprised it was starting to get legs. The incident occurred well over 3 weeks ago but only went viral after Jews decided on a narrative for blaming Whites for his death.

Had that not happened, this would’ve been an inconvenient black-on-black issue that would have been suffocated by no coverage.

However, in the 24 hours leading up to the video’s release, there has been a highly coordinated release of statements, especially from various corners of corporate America, now one of the more dominant opinion-makers in America. Expect to see this pattern ramp up considerably on Monday.

Unlike media pundits, which still play a role in cementing leading narratives, corporations have millions of employees wage slaves held hostage to their increasingly rancid, Jew-derived positions on key issues in American politics. It also animates both sides of the Finkel aisle (GOP and Dems) to take up its framing as a bipartisan issue.

As we’ve pointed out for years on FTN, this is not driven by an organically coincidental culmination of social justice activism on the part of free-thinking corporate executives, but overarchingly driven by BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street.  Together, they hold a majority shareholder (read as controlling) position in every major publicly-traded company (and in each other) in the world. They own the proxy votes on the boards of these companies, so Larry Fink and the other Jews at these “financial services” firms call the shots.

Time will tell as to whether or not making this a leading issue will be successful, as it could just as easily backfire. One thing is for sure: Jews are desperate to change the subject from criticism of them and back to their biggest threat (Whites), and the golem with which they’ve used to attack us and that on which they are slowly losing their grip (blacks).

2. Russia/Ukraine

ZOG’s declaration that Wagner PMC is a transnational criminal organization is one rung shy of calling them terrorists. Biden sending 31 tanks to Ukraine is also an egregious escalation.

Israel/CIA attacks on Iran are a way of opening up a new front in that war in a way that the U.S. can still, albeit absurdly, pretend it’s not officially involved.

None of this in any way comports with ZOG’s fever-pitched narrative of the past 6 months that they’re on the verge of total victory. It in fact demonstrates the opposite.

Kissinger prattling on about getting together for negotiations was a foxhole prayer to yahweh that the Russians might get caught in a moment of complete retardation and agree to meet on ZOG’s terms for peace global Jewish hegemony.

It’s both tough and unwise to make many predictions about this war, but one thing seems to be clear: it’s going to be long and it’s already gotten much bigger. Given how much military assistance in the form of intel, weapons, ammo, and cash from the U.S. and other major EU member states has already been deployed in the field, calling this a world war is just a mere formality at this point.

In the fog of war and hostilities, Israel will continue to escalate its genociding of Palestinians but not without significant loss of political capital and increasing anti-semitism on the left.

3. Jews Lash Out at Protected Speech in Florida

I wrote an article about this developing issue here and have more updates coming in another upcoming article. I’ve been sitting on one key aspect of this that, aside from the naked unconstitutionality of the proposed legislation, destroys the credibility of its authors.

One of the unnamed targets of the legislation, the GDL (Goyim Defense League), returned to West Palm Beach on Saturday to exercise their First Amendment rights.

4. Trump 2024

Reinstatement to social media (Facebook and Twitter) is a precursor to kicking off his 2024 run. More detailed analysis from me here. In the meantime, he has already dusted off his 2015/2016 campaign rhetoric, pretty much verbatim, while hitting the campaign trail in New Hampshire. That was exciting in 2015. It’s threadbare in 2023, especially from the guy who had 4 years to take a bite at that apple and didn’t.

Trump is also running on a message that he will pull the world back from the brink of WWIII. Given what we know of Trump and foreign policy, bad news for ZOG can always get much worse.

5. Debt-Ceiling “Debacle”

Manchin has the only realistic proposal (viewed from the contrived and idiotic framing of American political discourse) that Jews who hold our government hostage won’t go for, which is to increase payroll taxes on the wealthy.

In a post-finkelthink reality, but still within the confines of current black letter U.S. law, there should be massive tax increases on billionaires and millionaires, a trust-busting campaign unlike the world has ever seen, RICO trials for Larry Fink and other Jewish executives, and nationalization of all finance and banking until we are 100% cancer free.

Until then, these debt-ceiling discussions are tantamount to which homeopathic remedy would be most ideal for stage 4 lymphoma.

See you at NJP.

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