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MLK WEEKEND RECAP: Laser Waffen Strikes, Shoah in Boca, Greenblatt Rages, MLK Event Becomes Black Mass Shooting




Two separate laser displays occurred hundreds of miles apart over the holiday weekend courtesy of National Socialists Florida (NSF) in Jacksonville and the Goyim Defense League (GDL) in West Palm Beach.

NSF Jacksonville

In Jacksonville, NSF projected images of swazis, a silhouette of Le Happy Merchant, and an Iron Cross.

NSF also posed the following question posed to presidential hopeful and favorite of Jews, Ron DeSantis: Why are child-friendly drag shows legal? @ Ron DeSantis

Reaction from StopAntisemitism, CSX Railroad, Jacksonville City Council, media, and reddit jannies was as immediate as it was delicious.

GDL West Palm Beach

6 million miles to the south, the GDL displayed a swazi and a number of different messages on a building in front of FBI Headquarters in West Palm Beach.

Some of the messages included:

“Merrick Garland is a Rat-Faced Kike”
“Jews Did 911 FBI Helped”
“Antisemitism is Self Defense”

Catch the full GoyimTV livestream with Handsome Truth here.

Jacksonville City Council was reportedly preparing to table a bill later this week aimed at censoring these displays of free speech.

That legislation has now been confirmed by Action News Jax and has been proposed by council member Rory Diamond.

“It essentially means, we’re going to protect property rights on the one hand, and we’re going to stop these messages of hate being projected on our Jacksonville buildings,” Diamond said.

According to Diamond, violators would receive a misdemeanor and it would also be a civil infraction, which means the building owner could sue.

No such creative solutions were enacted to silence Robin Bell, who projected messages like “Shithole” and poop emojis onto the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. for four years without interruption.

It is unclear whether or not Diamond is Jewish, but he is an unapologetic Zionist and is a conservative Republican. Diamond also has higher political aspirations and has been considering a run in Florida’s 4th Congressional District.

Greenblatt Cries Out

The ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt seethed on Twitter, quickly getting ratioed and dogpiled. Only the most classic anti-semitic tropes were used.


Residents of nearby Boca Raton, Spanish for “mouth of the rat”, say packets with “disturbing” messages were thrown into their yards. While Boca Raton Police are investigating, former FBI agent Stuart Kaplan, Jewish, says the words are testing the limit.

Jews in Boca are even going so far as to claim to authorities that the packets contained Zyklon B pellets…oh gawd!


Finally, blacks decided to honor the degenerate reverend docta kang with a mass shooting that predictably killed no one even though 8 people – including a child – were shot during the appropriately named “MLK Car Show and Family Fun Day” in Ft. Pierce, FL.

No arrests have been made.

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