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The Answer to 1984 isn’t 1776. It’s 1933.



A nationalist movement does indeed need a nation, and ours has many heroic figures worthy of celebration from which we can draw inspiration, but only a charlatan would demand that we perpetuate the aspects of an ethos that have been built on a lie. If the response to valid criticism of America’s founding or its founding fathers is something along the lines of “you’re destroying my heritage” or “I refuse to sacrifice my history”, it’s a sign that there is such an inordinate amount of emotional investment in these shibboleths that a person’s entire identity as a White Nationalist becomes engulfed in crisis.

The sanctity of George Washington’s reputation doesn’t define who I am. Neither does the disparagement of Alexander Hamilton handicap my resolve. Seeing the Bill of Rights as a hollow afterthought of elites who readily and repeatedly disenfranchised our historic counterparts brings clarity, not consternation. I have no more in common with these men than I do FDR or Ronald Reagan. My identity is defined by thousands of years of European history – mostly German, English, and Polish – not one moment in time that defined only the current version of a nation my ancestors immigrated to because their own great nations had been ravaged by Jewish financial destruction.

If we all agree that Jews have been the most critical issue for us and our ancestors in Europe and in America for millennia, then the most important basis for forming a coherent political identity rests with measuring what we define as inspirational and worthy of redemption against the successes or failures in dealing with that problem in the past. Given that Jews have been ejected from various nations many times throughout recorded history, there is a clear difference between a people and a government who were philosemitic and embraced Jewry and those who had the courage and the tenacity to deal proactively with the Jewish problem.

For this reason, the decision whether or not to seek inspiration from philo-semites or anti-semites should be so simple a child could understand. Taking on the baggage of inclusive enlightenment values, and the philo-semites that promoted them, out of some misguided belief that they are the key to unlocking Big NormieTM cannot fail a moment too soon. There are ample anti-semitic cultural heroes from every single European nation, including our own, to serve as a model for defining for ourselves who we are as a people and a nation.

This is precisely why no one would ever ask the French, the English, the Polish, the Germans, or the Americans to sacrifice their heritage or their history – and no one ever has. This is a tired strawman that is trotted out by feckless midwits who only understand things in absolute terms, i.e., ALL good or ALL bad, and who will contort their arguments into all sorts of contradictory pretzels in order to avoid transparently embracing national socialism. In the end, that’s all this is really about.

The sooner we discard unthinking patriotard jingoism, founding father worship, and other dead end ideas, the sooner we can get down to a legitimate cultural bedrock on which we can create and define our own ethos about who and what we are as a race and as a nation.

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