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Call CRT What It Really Is



CRT is not “Marxist”, it’s not “Advanced Marxism”, it’s just plain anti-White racism. “Advanced Marxism” is full scale communism, it isn’t teaching children that white people oppressed all the black folks and that every institution in America is designed to screw over non-whites. It’s time to stop hiding behind the children of other races when its your kids that are being attacked in the classroom. Stop pretending that the real problem with CRT is that it “teaches black kids they can’t succeed”. If teaching a particular race about the persecution they’ve allegedly suffered is bad for them, then why do you support Holocaust education? There’s only two real explanations for you wanting to insist CRT is anything except blatant anti-white propaganda designed to reinforce the status of American whites as a racial underclass that deserve no legal protections under the law.

You’re either stupid, or cowardly. 

Probably you picked up the idea CRT is “Marxist” after some stuffed shirt talking head read it from a teleprompter between commercials for collectible coins and earwax removal systems. Marxist theory critiquing institutions and power relations does so on the basis of economic class, not on race. The only common thread between Marxism and CRT is that like a lot of intellectual movements over the last century and a half, it hinges on a critique of existing systems. Just critiquing a system doesn’t make you a Marxist, in fact, to insist you can’t critique systems without being some kind of “commie” implies that the leftwing establishment in this country should be able to just run roughshod over you without any objections.

I’m not going to go any further into the weeds on digressions about whether CRT was ultimately inspired by post-Marxists in the Frankfurt School. If you want to jump down that rabbit-hole, the salient characteristic you should keep in mind is that the Frankfurt School was stuffed with Jews from top to bottom. Should you be willing to call CRT Jewish propaganda designed to villainize whites I certainly won’t stop you.

It’s much more likely that you call CRT “Marxist” because you know this is the safe thing to say. No one is gonna get you fired from your job or call you a bigot for saying something is “Marxist”. They’re not going to do this because they actually think you’re a harmless, stupid halfwit when you whine about Marxism in 2021. Calling it anti-white implies that white people actually are a distinct racial group that deserves respect. That is something that will definitely get you in trouble, why don’t you examine why it’s impossible to vocally defend white people as a race in America? If you hide behind blacks and Asians every single time anti-white racism happens, you’re just agreeing with the CRT proponents that white people shouldn’t be defended. 

I want you to grow a pair of balls and stop being a craven coward.

They are attacking WHITE people SPECIFICALLY, and that means YOU and YOUR KIDS. It’s not about the bigotry of low expectations, or black kids, or Asians, or Marxism, this is specifically 100 % about teaching white people that they are morally bad and they construct morally bad systems. Don’t shy away from this, for once in your life you need to stand up and push back against what’s being done to you and your children. There is no “high road” to take here; they are calling your bluff right now and you’re chickening out.

Call CRT anti-white. 

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