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Don’t Fink Me Bro: FTN’s Ultimate Finkelthink Deep-Dive



If you’ve ever wanted the collection of ground-breaking FTN Finkelthink deep-dives in one place, we’ve got you covered. Beginning with revealing the so-called “Russian” collusion of the 2016 presidential election as distinctly Israeli in origin, Jazz and James take you down a series of rabbit holes that explain the concept of Finkelthink and how it facilitates the artificial dichotomy of “democratic” politics in White countries around the world that many attribute to a broken system. This political dichotomy, or “kosher sandwich”, has been constructed as a means of blunting White political ambitions by pitting intentionally divided conservative and liberal factions against each other while promoting Jewish hegemonic interests; White genocide above all else. Have a borther, uncle, or friend stuck in the dead-end paradigm of America’s two-party system? This is for you.


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Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Israeli Collusion
00:32:00 – Birth of a Sammich
01:15:00 – Hungarian Puppet State
01:45:00 – Annexation Nation
02:45:00 – Shine a Light
03:45:00 – 2012 Israeli Collusion Flop
04:10:00 – A “Broken” System
04:35:00 – Hegemonic Money Printers
05:10:00 – Defrag the Nation
05:36:00 – Endokomuna Fashwave PRL

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