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Containment Failure



Recently hapless users of the dystopian Facebook “social media” service received notifications that they might have been exposed to thoughtcrime. Apparently this was a test of an algorithm designed to snoop out whether or not a user had been exposed to naughty political content or had interacted with a previously banned account. As solutions go, it’s a hamfisted, creepy managerialist approach that seems almost custom engineered to confirm the suspicions of the people it’s designed to “deradicalize”. When an artificial intelligence contacts someone and tells them they may have been “exposed” to radical content, said individual is almost certainly going to experience a justified paranoia about the mainstream establishment itself.

This is just more evidence that certain verboten ideas are escaping containment. Or, perhaps more accurately, a failure to avoid using particular types of rhetorical weapons against the largest racial group in the western world is increasingly causing them to pick up those guns and turn them on their oppressors. Various observers from Bret Weinstein to Charles Murray have noted that critical race theory and other intellectualized assaults on whites is simply “backing them into a wall” with a white solidarity movement igniting as an inevitable backlash. If blacks and other minority groups can intuitively understand the appeal of racial organizing, it is only a matter of time before average whites themselves start utilizing such a simple tactic in their own defense.

While myself and my fellow travelers can take credit for formulating some of the early rhetorical arguments against anti-white bias in the mainstream, ultimately, we are nothing more than canaries in the coal mine for a phenomena that has become widespread enough that even the most politically naïve white person is becoming racially aware of himself in exactly the sorts of ways the establishment would like to flag as “radical”. We were just ahead of the curve by a few years, even without direct exposure to our talking points, spontaneous articulation of our ideas is natural to anyone paying the slightest attention. Corralling all of the white dissidents into internet ghettos where they can’t preach heresy to the masses doesn’t work when those self-same masses are radicalized by the mainstream antagonism itself. 

By popularizing a critique of power relations along a racial axis that paints whites as disproportionately privileged, it is completely unavoidable that this same exact framing will be increasingly applied to Jews. This sort of anti-white political strategy was playing with fire from the start; members of an ethnic group that very obviously wield disproportionate influence shouldn’t be casting such stones from their glass synagogues. At this stage in the game no one is going to lower the whip hand on whites after using it to such an advantage against them for so long. Black racial collectivism grounded in a basic framework of anti-white power analysis has destroyed entire police departments and brought down countless individual whites. The problem with team strategies in an environment subject to game theory is that it’s only a matter of time before everyone starts imitating the successful groups.

There is a limit to how much this can be suppressed via social media AIs, hard power, deplatforming or moral shaming. (Given the abysmal, utterly failed attempt at tone-policing by Karlyn Borysenko on the usage of “anti-white” to characterize critical race theory, it’s clear that right-wing grifters aren’t suppressing white identity politics either.) When you create the conditions for genuine white racial grievances, playing whack-a-mole with exponentially growing numbers of disaffected white radicals becomes an exercise in futility and only serves to heighten awareness of anti-whiteness on the institutional level. Shutting whites out of the conversation only increases the gulf between the elite consensus and the sentiments of the common people themselves. This is definitely fertile grounds for very sudden social upheaval attended by a chorus of disbelief from “policy experts” who should’ve all seen it coming.

The containment failure is only going to worsen over time, especially with the sort of hilariously desperate and comically tone-deaf measures taken by social media oligarchs like Facebook.

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