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Get Off the Sinking Ship



After the unceremonious destruction of Donald Trump’s presidency and a slew of crocodile tears over the January 6th “Insurrection”, it seemed like the few states with strong Republican majorities left might assemble some ragged counter-strike on gender politics. This should be a slam-dunk with their constituents, an easy line to draw in the sand on remarkably uncontroversial premises like affirming that girls don’t have penises and you shouldn’t turn adolescents into Frankenstein’s gender-monster. If there is ONE no-brainer wedge issue between the mostly trivial right/left dichotomy in the United States, it oughta be “men have penises and women have vaginas”.

In roughly the span of a single week, TWO Republican governors both shot down bills rallying an offensive on transgender politics.

Rather than at least take a fucking swing at the ball, two elected “conservatives” in a row declared they just didn’t have the wind to make it to first base and chose to firmly insert their baseball bats deeply into their own rectums. First Kristi Noem quibbled about possible legal challenges and killed legislation designed to keep boys out of girls sports. Not to be outdone, Asa Hutchinson vetoed a bill banning the mutilation of minors into horrifying facsimiles of the opposite gender. Apparently the sum goal of modern Republican politics is to save Democrats the trouble of even fighting them anymore. God forbid the political opposition should actually be forced to spare energy from their latest grand campaign to deal with a reprisal from conservatives, see, there’s a potential legal challenge here, and there’s only two types of people in the world willing to test the courts: Evil Communist Democrats, and anyone actually trying to win.

Winning just isn’t an objective for Republicans, all of which seem to be wistfully pining for the days that they were the progressive party of abolitionists. 

Forever denied their rightful place in history as the first political organization to pass legislation requiring the sterilization of all white people, the modern Republican jealously sulks or maybe gets tangled up in a Jewish sex-trafficking scheme, but occasionally their true colors shine through and they confirm the first openly transgender health secretary. By this point you might be asking yourself if this entire colorfully worded essay is designed to do anything except throw more shade on the dumpster fire of human excrement that is the modern GOP. Well it all comes down to a simple fork in the road.

You have a choice.

You can continue to support a political organization that now just openly does the work of your enemies for them, or you can have some self-respect. You can toss money and votes at a team that is so committed to losing that it won’t even pretend to take your side anymore, or you can grow some balls. You can help Democrats and Republicans run the clock out on even the most basic forms of human dignity and morality, or you can refuse to go down without a fight and be defiant. You can give in to fear and let the corrupt political leadership of the United States go on ignoring you, or you can scare the shit out of them with a simple label.

It’s time to become a fucking Nazi.

There is literally only one political group in the entire United States that is genuinely anti-trans, anti-gay, anti-drug, anti-prostitution, anti-sex-trafficking and PRO family. It’s Nazis. Republicans can’t even be relied on to not molest your daughter or ban boys from the girls locker room. No one in American politics has the moral courage to explicitly take a stand for normal white people, except Nazis. It’s okay to be a little afraid at first, Nazis are also the only group in American politics willing to tell the truth no matter how scary it is and use any word they damn well feel like. Your enemies have already defined any political objective worth having as Nazism, so why don’t you go straight to the source? America isn’t a normal country anymore, everyone with power in the United States is politically committed to giving your kids the best chance in human history of turning into trannies and the worst chance of achieving the quality of life of their parents, let alone grandparents. Only Nazis are genuinely mad about this. Look at the platform of the National Justice Party and then compare that to the Republicans-oh wait, they don’t even have a fucking platform. Do you get it yet? If you have any shred of dignity and self-identity left you’re gonna have to just openly become a Nazi.

Sieg Heil, motherfucker. 

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