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Punishing Whites Only



Recently an article in the New York Post made the rounds in which the author lamented that racial equity policies were producing less than optimal results for abused children: Namely, that judges and legal bodies were just refusing to take kids from abusive blacks. This kind of simple solution to observable inequality of outcome among certain demographics is quickly becoming the standard approach to “solving” black crime; you just stop punishing the crime altogether. So-called “criminal justice reform” is just a euphemism for defanging legal statutes based purely on the inability of blacks to abide by them. Police departments are defunded, law enforcement is increasingly scrutinized for racial bias, prosecutors refuse to punish criminals, bail is eliminated, and in the background actual violent crime skyrockets.

The biggest stories featuring cops in 2020 always revolved around punishing individual police officers for defending themselves against violent and unstable black males. 

It goes without saying that refusing to prosecute serious crimes does no favor to black populations themselves, and according to recent polling, most of them understand the realities on the ground perfectly well. The reality is that populations of humans from Sub-Saharan Africa just tend to commit more violent crimes than say, Asians from South Korea. There is no reason to go digging into extremely complicated socio-political theories for why levels of carjackings and murder mysteriously increase around Africans for the simple reason that none of those theories provide a workable solution to the phenomena. We can simply observe that laws against stealing and making it illegal to kill someone over a Popeyes chicken sandwich will necessarily result in an increased workload for local police should you replace South Koreans with an influx of West Africans. Blacks just commit higher violent crime more often than other ethnic groups and this creates a disproportionate level of police action against them, meaning the only feasible recourse for getting those incarceration numbers down is to just not jail them in the first place. In a reverse of the Procrustean Bed, the current technique for squaring a particularly violent circle is to just smash the entire bed frame to bits.

The flipside to all of this is that white folks are effectively becoming the only group law enforcement is allowed to punish. Whites are even intentionally targeted by legislation that could get them arrested for calling the police in the first place. Not only is it unjust to make the innocent and generally law-abiding white demographic suffer more victimization at the hands of felonious Africans, now trying to call on the authorities to protect you from them is actively disincentivized. Keep in mind that there is no self-defense option either, the crime of Being White While Under Assault is that you will go to jail for defending yourself. It almost seems like a calculated move to subject whites to more interracial crime and then punish them for employing any means to protect themselves.

Essentially this is now a two-tiered system in which you gain stacking privileges for being black that include new bonuses in every news cycle, including the right to be tried in courtrooms that don’t have any pictures of white people. Whites are of course now subject to actual prejudice based on how their racial identity itself is contextualized into the event, leading to convictions in the court of the public long before the formality of an actual trial. I haven’t even touched on the sort of punishments doled out to white folks outside the legal system, like having your life destroyed for something you said at age 15.

“Criminal Justice Reform” ultimately means ONLY punishing whites, this is the philosophically bankrupt and morally repugnant aim of all “social justice”.

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