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“Stop The Steal”: A GOP Grifter’s Dream Come True



As the validity of state-by-state election results continue to be litigated, a protest campaign to “Stop The Steal” has emerged, led by a longtime GOP fixer with a sordid legal & ethical background. The campaign asks disaffected Trump supporters to hand over their personal information and herd them into street protests, where demonstrators have already been attacked by anarchists & left-wing agitators.

The campaign is backed by a variety of commentators and Twitter personalities, many with links to the GOP and documented federal informants.

“Stop the Steal” and

The organizer of “Stop The Steal,” and operator of, is a Twitter personality known as Ali Alexander (real name: Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar). The website lists rallies across several states in which voter fraud has been alleged and encourages Trump supporters to attend.

Demonstrators at one “Stop The Steal” have already been attacked by BLM & Antifa. The Trump administration has a well-documented track record of prosecuting and imprisoning right-wing demonstrators for defending themselves. In 2019, two New York City-based Proud Boys were sentenced to four years’ imprisonment for defending themselves against Antifa attackers.

At press time, the site lists planned rallies in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Michigan. As of November 7th, the Arizona rally was scheduled to be led by Charlie Kirk, founder & president of Turning Point USA.

When a user selects one of the rallies, they are prompted to enter their email address and zip code to join the organization’s email server. To “report voter fraud,” users can give organizers their name, email address, and upload a file. It is unclear what the organization plans to do with these reports, given that it has no lawyers on payroll, nor has it been named as a party in any active voter fraud lawsuits.

An IRS organization search finds no tax-exempt organizations named “Stop The Steal,” and a WHOIS record lookup reveals the site was registered by “Vice And Victory,” an Akbar-owned private company.

Email lists are hard-sought assets for political campaigns, with campaigns paying up to $8 per valid, active email. Akbar had been planning the campaign as early as September, suggesting he would be launching a similar operation regardless of who won the presidency.

Show me the money

Despite not being a legal entity and having no discernible expenditures other than web hosting and domain registration, prominently solicits donations at the top of its web page.

Clicking the link redirects users to, Akbar’s personal website. There, users have the choice to donate to Akbar’s personal crypto wallets, or via his personal PayPal and CashApp links. This site is archived here.

Users also have the option to buy him things from his Amazon wishlist, including weight benches, mass gainer supplements, and soap.

Juicers and hand soap will defeat the Democrats.

On November 7, Akbar tweeted that he “[doesn’t get paid to do this,” a statement contradicted by the hamfistedness of his self-enrichment scheme.

At press time, Akbar’s personal Bitcoin wallet has received approximately $2100, with several transactions occurring after the wallet was linked from the Stop The Steal site. It is unclear whether donors knew they were giving funds to Akbar directly or whether they believed their funds were going towards a legitimate legal effort to contest voter fraud.

With donations headed to Akbar’s personal bank account, and not the accounts of any legally registered nonprofit bound by disclosure requirements, it is unlikely donors will ever be able to see where their funds were actually used.

Who is Ali Akbar?

Before reinventing himself as “Ali Alexander,” he was Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar- a convicted felon and conman with multiple arrests for burglary and credit card fraud.

Ali’s crime spree began as early as 2006. According to police reports, he stole “Five MP3 Players, Twenty CD’s, Three Camcorders, Two DVD Players, One Back Massager One Clock, Four Shirts, Two Belts and a Piece of Luggage” from someone he knew beginning on or around November 1 until approximately November 26.

An arrest warrant was issued and he was arrested on January 1, 2007.

Seven months later, on August 18, he was arrested again, this time for credit card fraud and burglarizing a vehicle.


Akbar’s campaign against voter fraud is ironic, considering he was once credibly accused of planning to perpetrate voter fraud on behalf of John McCain. As reported at the time, Akbar- then a John McCain campaign staffer- was caught planning voter fraud strategies to use against the Ron Paul campaign in the upcoming Nevada caucuses.

One witness, Joey Dauben, Akbar’s boss at the Ellis County Observer, recalled the events:

I sat in on a meeting in my downtown Dallas office and heard an e-campaign staffer with the John McCain campaign – Ali A. Akbar – openly discuss ways to manipulate, rig and otherwise “take” an election.

At the time, Akbar was the “E-Campaign Coordinator” for the McCain campaign, and served as a McCain campaign spokesman in Texas.

Groomed to grift

Akbar’s arrests for fraud, burglary, and theft did not seem to hamper his rise as a low-level GOP fixer. In fact, they may have served to pad his resume.

Akbar alongside GOP megadonor Foster Friess and Robert Stacy McCain.

At the time of his Fort Worth arrests, Akbar’s day job was with the Ellis County Observer, a local news site. According to journalist Roger Shuler, “Akbar’s work apparently involved covering up the misdeeds of a former police chief named Michael Meissner, who was charged with posing as a woman and soliciting photos of underaged boys.”

Akbar, who served as the Observer’s executive editor and webmaster, allegedly worked with Meissner to suppress online records of his crimes.

How did Akbar rise from a small-time fraudster to president of the National Bloggers Club by 2012? By making the right (sleazy) connections.

In a now-deleted YouTube video, Akbar acknowledges having worked for GOP fixer Karl Rove. The specifics of Rove and Akbar’s relationship are unclear, but it has been credibly reported that the two were engaged in a homosexual relationship over a number of years.

“smart, outgoing, bi” – Ali Akbar’s Grindr profile soliciting gay sex.

Akbar’s profile on a gay dating site was discovered by Alabama attorney Dana Jill Simpson in 2012. Undated screenshots of Akbar’s profile on Grindr, a gay sex hookup app, have also been discovered.

Akbar’s connection to Rove is likely how he was able to insert himself into the orbit of Conservatism Inc. In 2012, he became president of the National Bloggers Club (NBC), which received startup capital from GOP megadonor Foster Friess. Over the next two years, NBC hosted events featuring GOP celebrities including James O’Keefe, Ted Cruz, and Erick Erickson.

NBC, like Stop The Steal, was never registered as a nonprofit organization.

In 2012, NBC attempted to use Andrew Breitbart’s name to raise money for a scholarship fund. Radio host Larry Sinclair wrote:

In March 2012 we received an email which came from Bill Murphy and Ali Akbar from and Vice and Victory email addresses announcing the creation of an Andrew Breitbart Scholarship Fund. After receiving the email, and because of our own personal encounters with Andrew, Sinclair News decided we would do a feature story on the Scholarship fund.

In preparing the story we sent an email to Joel Pollak who was the primary principle since the untimely death of Andrew early the morning of March 1, 2012. In the email to Mr. Pollak we asked if Pollak would be interested in going on Through the Mirror w/Larry Sinclair to talk about the recently established Breitbart Scholarship Fund. Pollak responded almost immediately by telling us he knew nothing of any such fund; that anyone using Andrews name along with any such fund was doing so without authorization and Pollak even went to the point of saying that any such organization was in his opinion a scam. (emphasis added)

In 2012, NBC hosted CPAC “Blog Bash” sponsored by Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign, Microsoft, the Heritage Foundation, and FreedomWorks. They hosted the event again in 2013, and as the Washington Examiner reported at the time:

“I’m a consultant so it’s in my interest to let in every D.C. reporter I can, but our invitation process is the exact opposite.”

Instead, the broker the blogger, the better access they get to the party, which is in its fourth year. “If you fly into D.C., if you’re unpaid, you are prioritized to the top,” Akbar said. “We just care about that heartland blogger and their work.”

This year’s party will honor the late Andrew Breitbart and allow bloggers to rub shoulders with some of the conservative movement’s biggest names. “I asked bloggers out there who do you really, really want and [Sen.] Ted Cruz, R-Texas, was the early favorite. Granted this was the morning of the filibuster, so [Sen.] Rand [Paul], R-Ky., was catching up pretty close,” Akbar explained.

NBC’s corporate charter was revoked in 2014 for failing to pay Texas state taxes.

Despite his sordid personal history and series of failed ventures, Akbar has been able to keep the grift alive. In 2016, a PAC he advised received a $60,000 donation from former Milo Yiannopoulos patron Robert Mercer.

Fellow travelers

Akbar’s campaign tells Trump supporters to give him their personal information and attend uncontrolled public rallies. You might expect commentators like Nick Fuentes and The Daily Stormer, both of which have accused rallies of being traps set by federal agents and ‘wignats,’ would be critical of this strategy.

The exact opposite is the case.

Fuentes, whose website was built in part by admitted federal informant Milo Yiannopoulos, promoted Akbar’s grift site.

Fuentes’ site, like Akbar’s, offers an opt-in email list. He described admitted federal informant and Anti-Defamation League collaborator Milo as “extremely supportive,” noting that “behind the scenes” he has done some “favors that have been very helpful,” and has played a key role in setting up Fuentes’ new website, “helping immensely.”

Andrew Anglin’s The Daily Stormer– which famously dropped their “Jewish problem” section in favor of a bizarre series of articles defending Jewish mass rapist Harvey Weinstein- told their readers that “everyone needs to go to that website and find a protest in their area and get out to it – RIGHT NOW,” and that “everyone needs to go to one of those events!”

As recently as June 2019, Anglin made the exact opposite argument, noting that “we are at the beginning of the biggest federal crackdown in American history. The RAM guys only got off because of a perfect storm.”

As Anglin wrote at the time:

The path forward is to continue to make people aware of the Jewish problem, and to act locally with normal people – not anti-social weirdos involved in neo-Nazi fringe behavior. Anyone who claims that these street tantrums and street fights are a good idea is trying to harm you. Anyone who tells you to associate with federal informants is trying to harm you.

Be extra double careful, always.

Be the ideal man so that you are able to provide real aid to the white race when it is needed, and be involved in your own community, not with a bunch of lunatics from the internet.

Do not throw your life away by getting involved with feds or people who might as well be feds.

For Anglin’s purported concerns about federal agents, Stormer was silent when Milo Yiannopoulos revealed himself as a federal informant. Additionally, they have been rehabilitating Fuentes’ reputation, even after his connections with Yiannopoulos were revealed.

Fuentes and Anglin both took the anti-rally, anti-real world gathering line when they wanted to ‘own the wignats,’ and blame pro-white activists that held rallies for creating ‘bad optics’ and ‘turning the media against us.’ Of course, the media- largely controlled by Zionist Jews- was going to oppose any genuine pro-white political movement, regardless of how tightly it wrapped itself in the American flag.

It’s highly suspect that both would condemn real-world pro-white organization, but wholeheartedly endorse charging into Antifa strongholds like Philadelphia on behalf of King of Israel Donald Trump.

The Grift Continues

As I noted in my previous column, “Donald Trump Lost By Betraying White Americans,” I don’t doubt election fraud occurred. It occurs in every election, but Donald Trump had the chance to stop it from happening this time. Instead, he failed to give the Kobach Commission the power to subpoena state records, intentionally underfunded them, and shut the commission down before it could find evidence of voter fraud- thus granting the media the narrative that voter fraud never happens.

Even with voter fraud, though, Trump would have easily won the election if he had simply won white voters the way he did in 2016. Alas, he didn’t. And that’s on him.

As Alex McNabb noted in “The Wignat Giveth, The Wignat Taketh Away”:

Syrian missile strikes and seemingly bottomless boons for Israel engineered by Trump’s Jewish son-in-law brought the curtains of a depressing reality down over the hopes for anything new in American politics. Hopes were immediately replaced by copes, and before long “plan-trusting” was itself a pejorative lobbed in the direction of “MAGA-tards” still desperately huddled around the quickly fading embers of 2016’s meme energy. True right-wing dissidents abandoned ship and wrote off Trump as the ineffectual bloviating retard he was and the last wisps of that ol’ 4chan magic faded away.

Ali Akbar’s scheme is perhaps- accidentally- the aptest summation of the Donald Trump presidency: you buy in, thinking you’re getting meaningful systemic change, but you end up beaten by Antifa while a black felon empties your pockets.











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