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Politico: Americans Increasingly Believe Violence Is Justified If The Other Side Wins



*looks up from historical research*

There isn’t going to be a non-accelerationist outcome to the 2020 election. Regardless of who wins, the loser will consider the winner illegitimate and will ratchet up the polarization.


“At the presidential debate this week, the Republican candidate voiced his concern about political violence—left-wing political violence. And the Democratic candidate likewise voiced concern about political violence—right-wing political violence.

They were both right.

Like a growing number of prominent American leaders and scholars, we are increasingly anxious that this country is headed toward the worst post-election crisis in a century and a half. Our biggest concern is that a disputed presidential election—especially if there are close contests in a few swing states, or if one candidate denounces the legitimacy of the process—could generate violence and bloodshed.

Unfortunately, we’re not being alarmist about the potential for violence; trends in public opinion that we’ve been tracking provide strong grounds for concern. …”

36% of Republicans and 33% of Democrats now support some degree of political violence to advance their political goals. This is up from only 8% in 2017. It is like having a front row seat to watch Avery Craven’s Blundering Generation thesis of the Civil War play out in real time.

Far from having any desire to participate in this, I haven’t gone anywhere near the protests. I haven’t supported either Joe Biden or Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Instead, I believe that Modern values have slowly been eating away like acid at the foundations of American culture and unraveling the social fabric which has been building up over the course of a century to this looming catastrophe.

I think that Americans will eventually figure out that they really have nothing in common anymore and that this lack of cultural solidarity will boil over and plunge the country into violence. I want to get a head start in explaining how this catastrophe came about because this is where I see Modern values taking us in the future. I don’t think the country can continue going down this road for much longer.

This is why I have been so focused on researching the cultural change that took place in the years around World War I which was a crisis so jarring it shook Western civilization to its foundations and discredited the Victorian establishment. Great Britain ceased to the world’s dominant superpower. We’re headed toward a similar moment when the “mainstream” collapses. I’m interested in what it was like to live through the previous transition from Victorian to Modern culture.

UPDATE: It was 44% of Republicans and 41% of Democrats in September.

Originally published by Hunter Wallace at Occidental-Dissent.

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