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Trump’s DHS Declares White People a Domestic Threat



For most Americans- myself included- Labor Day weekend means turning up the grill and tuning out of politics. The Trump administration, knowing this, chose the Friday before Labor Day to announce it was declaring white people “the most persistent and lethal threat” to the U.S.

“White supremacists present the gravest terror threat to the United States,” according to three leaked DHS threat assessment drafts obtained by Politico. “White supremacists,” as we know, is a group that includes everyone that opposes unlimited third world migration, supports Kyle Rittenhouse’s right to self defense against pedophiles and felons, or demands a safe country in which to raise their children. Egregious offenses, all of them.

A free pass for Antifa

Donald Trump’s DHS describes white supremacists as “the deadliest domestic terror threat facing the U.S., listed above the immediate dang

On August 29, “100% Antifa” Michael Reinoehl murdered Aaron Danielson in cold blood. Trump’s DHS does not deem Antifa a domestic threat.

er from foreign terrorist groups,” showing blatant disregard for the murders committed in recent weeks by documented Antifa members and radicalized, anti-white black thugs.

Connor Betts, the shooter that killed 34 people in a 2019 attack in Dayton, Ohio, was an avowed anti-fascist that frequently retweeted fellow Antifa Jared Holt. In June, Holt was involved in covering up an Antifa terror attack.

According to Politico, “none of the drafts…referred to a threat from Antifa, the loose cohort of militant left-leaning agitators.”


The DHS report describes 2019 as the “most deadly year for domestic violent extremists since the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995,” claiming, without evidence, that “white supremacists” were responsible for half of all lethal attacks (8 of 16) and the majority of deaths (39 of 48.)

Antifa shooter Connor Betts alone was responsible for 34 deaths, making it mathematically impossible that Trump’s DHS even considered Antifa violence in this threat assessment.

President Trump has promised since 2019 to designate Antifa a ‘terrorist organization.’ He has failed to do so. In fact, his DHS is doing just the opposite- persecuting the ‘white supremacists’ that have defended American people, communities, and business against Antifa violence.

Aaron Danielson was murdered by self-described “100% Antifa” Michael Reinoehl in Portland, Oregon on August 29th. If Trump wanted to take meaningful action against Antifa- a RICO investigation, for example- there is more than enough justification to do so.

Alternative reality

The first draft of the threat assessment reads:

“Lone offenders and small cells of individuals motivated by a diverse array of social, ideological, and personal factors will pose the primary terrorist threat to the United States…Among these groups, we assess that white supremacist extremists – who increasingly are networking with likeminded persons abroad – will pose the most persistent and lethal threat.”


Politico interviewed John Cohen, a former DHS official who supervised counterterrorism portfolios from 2011 to 2014. He found said the new report “isn’t surprising,” and that “the most significant terror-related threat facing the US today comes from violent extremists who are motivated by white supremacy and other far-right ideological causes.”

Discussing tactics, the DHS report alleges that “white supremacists” will use “simple tactics – such as vehicle ramming, small arms, edged weapons, arson, and rudimentary improvised explosive devices – probably will be most common.”

There have been zero allegations of so-called white supremacists using improvised explosive devices in recent protests. By contrast, Antifa attacker and pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum was alleged to have thrown a Molotov cocktail at Kyle Rittenhouse as he fled. Two brown New York attorneys, Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman, allegedly attacked a police car with a Molotov cocktail and attempted to distribute more IEDs to other rioters. CNN turned them into media darlings, writing an extensive profile on their lives and the hardship of being brown in America.

Tricks incoming hot & heavy

This change in DHS policy is going to result in increased suppression of pro-white political voices. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a Jewish supremacist organization, will undoubtedly continue to offer bounties to law enforcement agents and prosecutors for successfully prosecuting innocent white men.

After the Politico report broke on Friday, the Trump administration responded by unveiling a new trick: ending critical race theory in federal agencies.

This announcement was almost certainly timed to claim the weekend media cycle, providing fodder for discussions around America’s grills about what a great job Trump is doing to stand up to “anti-American propaganda.”

If it were real, it would amount to a nice gesture. But it’s not even that.

According to Fox News:

[Russ Vought, director of the Office of Management and Budget] told managers that OMB will soon be issuing more guidance, but in the meantime agencies are to identify all spending on such training, the avenues to cancel contracts and move money away from them.

In other words, eliminating the anti-white training at the FBI is left to the already anti-white FBI. The same is true for every other federal agency. If agencies are being left to determine what meets the definition of ‘critical race theory’ by their own standards, you can rest assured nothing is going to change.

And given how long it takes for guidelines to be established and approved in federal agencies, it is unlikely any of these changes would even come into effect before January’s inauguration, at which point a Biden administration could effectively hit ctrl+Z and undo the changes.

Consider doing the good (but ultimately meaningless) thing, take decisive action on the anti-white thing. It’s the tried & true Trump administration tactic- and this is no exception.





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