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Joseph Rosenbaum: Child Rapist, Antifa, Jewish (And These Things Are Related)



Joseph Rosenbaum accomplished much in his 36 years on earth. He was an accomplished anti-fascist activist. According to his cousin, Sammy Rosenbaum, he was of mixed Jewish heritage, which allowed him to join the pantheon of Jewish civil rights martyrs.

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Like civil rights icons before him- Leo Frank (murder), Morris Dees (rape)- Rosenbaum also committed crimes against children.

As Erik Striker reported on National Justice, all three Kenosha Antifa attackers had violent criminal histories. Since then, more information has come to light regarding Joseph Rosenbaum’s history of sexual crimes against children.

Big League Politics obtained a copy of a grand jury’s 11-count felony indictment against Rosenbaum from 2002.

Rosenbaum orally and anally sodomized five young boys between the ages of 9 and 11 during a three-month rape spree in early 2002. He was ultimately convicted on two counts.

According to the indictment, Rosenbaum raped, sodomized, molested, masturbated in front of, and showed pornography to a variety of children under the age of fifteen. The full indictment copied below.

The presentencing report reveals that Rosenbaum preyed on children of friends that allowed him to stay in their home. After Rosenbaum was kicked out of his mother’s home in February 2002, he “couch surfed” at three neighborhood homes, molesting boys between the ages of 9 and 11 along the way.

RosenbaumCharges 11 copy


RosebaumCharges 2


RosebaumCharges 3

Joseph Rosenbaum was an unrepentant child rapist. He is a perfect fit in the pantheon of Jewish civil rights heroes.



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