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Trump Admin Approves Record-High 245,000 Green Cards



After feeding a lay-up to GOP operatives (“LET’S GOOOOO!”) with the fake immigration “ban” that didn’t actually curb immigration, President Donald appears ready to drop any pretense of actually doing something about immigration in what increasingly appear to be the twilight months of his presidency.

On August 20, the State Department announced they would be issuing 245,000 green cards for the 2021 fiscal year. This is 100,000 more visas than the typical figure of 145,000, and far exceeds FY 2020’s already record-shattering 156,253.

The unprecedented expansion in foreign labor comes as Americans struggle to find work and grapple with wage stagnation, underemployment, and record levels of consumer debt.

As Neil Munro writes for Breitbart:

The extra green cards for the Fortune 500’s visa-workers will be offered in just six weeks, after September 2020. They were freed up by the coronavirus-caused decline in family migrants in 2020, said a statement to Breitbart News from the State Department.

Fewer family members are seeking to migrate to a pandemic-stricken U.S. The Trump administration doesn’t take this drop in interest as an opportunity to increase wages for Americans- they see it as an opportunity to further flood the U.S. with international workers to undercut the American working class.

This expansion in “legal” immigration comes as illegal border crossings heat up. Over 38,000 migrants were apprehended in July, making it “the third consecutive month of steady increases since arrests plunged to roughly 16,000 in April,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Despite these abject betrayals, the Trump campaign, GOP window-lickers, and FBI associates are likely going to mount a frenetic effort to gaslight you into thinking you aren’t seeing what you’re seeing. Don’t fall for it.


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