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America’s Entropy Summed Up in One Tweet



“I’m not qualified for Space Force because I’m a woman, but because of my mer… “It’s a photo, sweetie, not a video–and we only have 240 characters–can you adjust your bangs, we need this tweet to go viral! We need more women like you to fight against the Jihadi’s on Mars!”

Exploiting identity to qualify judgement— that’s ironically the essence of the photo. This is not some reverse boomer take but a highlighting of the absolute state of our farcical nation. If women were really as equal as the Space Force is making it out to be, then of course there’d be no need for such a tweet—it is clear pandering to the anti-male cultural revolution.

One could say, well the photo demonstrates a striving towards equality—however, the caption and photo is simply an ironic inversion of the exact “problem” they are supposedly trying to rectify. Alas, the “righteous” revolt against judgment solely based on identity is using solely identity to base judgement. The railing against promotion solely based on identity is using solely identity for promotion.

It is likened to an environmentalist cutting down all the trees at Exxon Mobil headquarters shouting –“we’ll see how they like it without shade!” You see, the mmmbased Space Force isn’t highlighting the scintillating merits of these women—as the merit itself is simply being a woman…ironically, it is showing the main trait of these women is…being a woman. In this moralizing tweet showing a victory in the holy fight to see beyond identity, identity is used as the spearhead against itself. Nice.

It’s like Susie who gets a pat on the head from all the teachers for playing baseball instead of softball; they wouldn’t pat all the boys on the head just for playing baseball with a girl, would they? Of course not, the boys are in their natural position—equals. Susie is the un-equal one, the minority in this case–so they must give her a little ribbon, or in this case, a tweet.

This tweet is a little pat on the head. As George Lincoln Rockwell said in 1966— “this government goes the way the minority, that’s the loudest and brassiest says it must go! And you know who that loud and brassy minority is!”

To be fair, that minority isn’t the poor gentile girl swept up in the PR of such a tweet—but the victim of it. If a lack of military women wasn’t a political tool but a moral wrong the military wanted to right, they wouldn’t have tweeted it. The military is definitely letting the left hand know that the right hand is tweeting.

The military, supposed to objectively be about virtues such as strength, honor, patriotism and guts is now saying well, I don’t know about all that, but we do hire all woman crews. The Space Force is not great because of its lofty cosmic endeavors, but because they hire humans that have a vagina! The “mission” is contingent on and subservient to diversity.

The tweet is an encapsulation of American entropy in that, our countries fighting force and creed no longer revolves around the flag, patriotism and unity— (even if corrupted!) but our color, individualism and differences—summed up in a tacky, contrived-stern-countenance, folded-arm- photograph supposed to convey strength in diversity! It just oozes empty, lifeless propaganda.

The virtue signaling tweet is an impotent and hollow microcosm of our country itself. No one looks at the tweet and thinks, “wow, this lights up the stars and stripes in me! Someone dial a recruiter!” Our military might be strong, but the true will of our people is being subverted into oblivion—manifesting in this farcical tweet—a paper tiger, or better, a digital one. The tweet is just another cringe inducing weak pill.

I guess the sky is the limit for Space Force and the first step is breaking the glass ceiling in the ISS to open upon a path to freedom…of the void. Truly, feminists should picket such a dangerous job like the armed forces for their sisters—but hey, I guess the best way to untangle the plight of women in America is to coopt them in the perennial “patriarchal wars” usually started by psychotic fascist men, right?

There’s more where that came from. Russia, China, watch out—the Space Force is here to…post photo ops of women captioned by an AI corporate buzzword generator.

But hey, based Fash female Lieutenant?” -Cope.

Wrong. Ladies, Uncle Sam wants YOU to fight for Israel, too! Talk about Equality……Liberty, Sorority! However, maybe the female charm is at play…perhaps disarming ZOG begins with disrobing it. But then again, the empire has no schmoes.


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