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Allen Ginsberg, the C.I.A., and the Elite Cult of Psychedelia




It’s 2020: Silicon Valley tech moguls and Hollywood elite gather in a remote Nevada desert, festooned with masks, headdresses, and wigs they sit in a circle and pop LSD in order manifest the next billion-dollar startup. These millionaire Bohemians set up complex camps and altars to summon the Gods of Capitalism, hoping to glean the ancient wisdom of Moloch to divulge the innermost desires of global consumers. This is not a science fiction tale, however, but a reality; our corporate overlords, and their celebrity cohort, engage in psychedelic rituals to engender capitalistic “innovation” and “creation.”

These rituals, best illustrated in the annual “countercultural” festival of Burning Man, are to elites what Protestantism was to our Founding Fathers—so much so that Google HQ in Mountain View, CA, proudly adorn their lobby with photos and relics of the Burning Man festival. Moreover, researcher and Professor Fred Turner, has found that Burning Man “like-language” informs much of Silicon Valley’s lofty and sanctimonious corporate mantras. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google’s founders, are well-known attendees of Burning Man.

This avant-garde cultural infrastructure is worshipped not only by business elites, but celebrities and Hollywood as well. Thousands of celebs flock to the yearly festival; a diverse tapestry of musicians, actors, and artists self-flagellating under the banner of “namaste” – their limbs decorated with similar “ohm” tattoos and iconography— “it’s all in chakras, bro” they’ll preach. This new psychedelic religion aimed at “dissolving the ego” and experiencing “oneness” is the epitome of irony. The same psychedelic experience that purportedly rids one of “ego-centric” thought teaches one to look inward for all the answers. Its navel gazing proponents isolate themselves in a desert, far away from the Wal-Mart shopping proletariat, in order to see the “big picture.” After a hefty dose of LSD, tech giants hope to be imparted an esoteric wisdom that fills their souls, and more importantly, their wallets.

The baptized elites then leave the desert in their AMG class Mercedes’ and go back to Palo Alto and Calabasas—they play audiobooks about Krishna and drink Kombucha on the way. Nothing says “counterculture” like a bunch of millionaire acid-dropping celebs and tech elites ruminating on the nature of reality while thousands of trailer park Yeoman slog over the wheels of sweltering semis on the interstate to fatten the pockets of these newly enlightened ubermensch—who are so “in-tune” with epistemology it oozes from their corporate office fountains.

LSD x CIA x Ginsberg 

The genesis of this psychedelic culture which is so graciously bestowed to us by the likes of the great Joe Rogan et al, was a CIA contrivance known as MK Ultra. The meme of MK-Ultra has somehow penetrated both boomer and zoomer political ethos; its oversaturation has led to a diluted understanding of the mechanisms which were a purposeful byproduct of MK-Ultra—mainly the cultural machinations it aimed at implementing. As most know, MK-Ultra was a series of CIA programs run out of Universities and Hospitals aimed at weaponizing LSD for mind control and general psychological manipulation.

What is not so widely known is how anthropo-malware like Allen Ginsberg via the Orthodox Jewish CIA chief in charge of MK-Ultra, Sidney Gottlieb, was the vehicle to unite the new cultural movements wrought by Ginsberg to CIA sponsored LSD promotion. Ginsberg, wittingly or unwittingly, supplied the cultural fodder by which LSD burned over the country’s youth—turning them into knuckle-dragging pacifists—perpetually drowned in a nebula of syncopated electronic riffs and surrealist art and literature.

It is easy to see why such a plan would be beneficial to the CIA and its Jewish operatives like Gottlieb. When people, through LSD, become completely entranced and absorbed in the inner machinations of their own musings, they lose sight of the greater threats to society. They are far more inclined to the micro—to dissect verses of Bob Dylan or William Blake, than they are to the macro—the overarching system of control. Light-switch brains might say: LSD hippies protested the Vietnam War, Vietnam War = bad, therefore LSD = good. That is the very point though; the peacenik acid-droppers are almost universally “anti-war”, and thus, usually in every circumstance – even when the war is against them.

The “love, love, love” mantra they chant might be justified in opposition of Vietnam, but on the other hand, this unfettered pacifism blunts the sword of rebellion against the forces that perpetuate tyranny on this country. Psychedelia’s chemically induced “turn the other cheek” pacifism ensures that the “tree of liberty” which Jefferson said must be “refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants” will instead be watered with acid from CIA backed pacifists like Allen Ginsberg. When you chant “everything is one, man!” Jews like former MK-Ultra chief Sidney Gottlieb and Allen Ginsberg let out a howl of laughter. The LSD adherents will trek out to Burning Man, woke as ever, and “lose themselves” in the sea of kaleidoscopic peace; “but they’re against the Iraq War, bro!” Bush bad. But their surface level pacifism leaves much to be desired – coexist bumper sticker philosophies mean the star of David is to be revered, “you anti-Semite!” “We’re all the same, we bleed red blood!” They’ll chant.

Allen Ginsberg got his first LSD from CIA Chief Sidney Gottlieb. As did Grateful Dead front man Robert Hunter and LSD folk-hero Ken Kesey. Funny how all these counterculture anti-war rebels were literally supplied with their counterculture’s delivery system (LSD) by the CIA. Allen Ginsberg went on every airwave to preach the “value of the great personal adventure” he procured from LSD. He read his LSD-inspired poetry on the uber popular TV program Firing Line with William F. Buckley in 1968—(a meandering pontification of stilted vomit). He espoused the ideals of pacifism and drug use. “Drop LSD instead of Napalm on the Vietcong, and drop it on our side, too!” Ginsberg emphatically stated.

The Libertarian-brained might say: “he’s against bomb-dropping, based!” Again, the idea is to get the masses to be against violence of friends and enemies alike. So, the poor Vietcong, the poor Iraqi, is just like the poor and oppressed Jew! Ironically, in the interview, Ginsberg rails against CIA Chief Allen Dulles regarding the Vietnam War, when Dulles is the same CIA Chief who funded MK-Ultra and Sidney Gottlieb, which supplied the LSD to Ginsberg and his cronies…talk about coexistence.

Being that Ginsberg was an avowed Communist who spent 7 months in a mental institution before LSD, he was the perfect man to inject LSD into the culture. He literally lobotomized his Jewish mother (how’s that for individualism?); a radical Marxist who took Ginsberg and his brother to “Communist meetings” in their youth, and spent most of her life oscillating between advocating for Marxism and mental hospitals. The CIA, under Gottlieb’s unchecked powers, “set up phony philanthropic foundations which then funded university and college research, and it’s through those research experiments that people like Ginsberg and Kesey and Robert Hunter got introduced to LSD.”

Gottlieb was an evil man, one researcher stated on NPR that Gottlieb “wanted to create a way to seize control of people’s minds, first, you had to blast away the existing mind. Second, you had to find a way to insert a new mind into that resulting void.” So, Ginsberg, while on one hand was full “anti-government” — the poster child for “individualism” – on the other hand promoted drugs he procured from the CIA which were admittedly meant to “seize control of people’s minds.” Nice. Ginsberg also palled around with the father of LSD, Timothy Leary, who first came across LSD, yes, through Sidney Gottlieb, coincidentally ran his own LSD experiments at Harvard. Nothing says anti-government individualism like government sponsored mind control.

People will say, “well it backfired, because people who took LSD became woke!” That’s the big lie—it was part of the plan. Why would they want peaceniks from Silicon Valley and Hollywood to be pacifists, though, and promote this culture in case we need to gin up patriotism for another war? you might ask. Because the stratagems impact in its chemically induced “coexist and pacifist” download has far more capital in it than the negative elements of creating more pacifists. Plus, this pacifism is an inherent foil to nationalism, which works in their favor as well. This CIA and Jewish created culture will happily take lite-cynicism as a byproduct of the atheist millennial equivalent of “love thy neighbor, man” wrought by the use of psychedelics.

In conclusion, when you see elementary penguins singing Hare Krishna on the Joe Rogan Experience, preaching their psychedelic enlightenment which results in a “no regime change” libertarian meme-brain; think Ginsberg, Gottlieb, Grateful Dead, and the CIA. But don’t be too cynical of course; the Silicon Valley elite tripping out on Acid in the desert…they want to be one with you, man. Just ask the “cornerstone of conservatism” National Review, founded by William F. Buckley; which published an article last year titled: “Psychedelic drugs could greatly benefit society.” I guess Ginsberg and Buckley have both posthumously united—looks like they weren’t that different after all…coexistence!

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