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Allen Ginsberg: The Father of American Degeneracy



“My name is Allen Ginsberg and I sleep with whoever I want.”

This is the rallying cry of the “Beat” Generation, a literary and cultural aesthetic which formed in the early 1950’s; usually associated with Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac. The movement, which spawned in the post-WW2 era, promoted sexual degeneracy and individual “liberation”; resulting in a pro-drug and overall pro-perversion ideology. At a time when in 20th century America such degeneracy was considered blaspheme, Jew Allen Ginsberg, a so-called anti-establishment rebel, was fomenting this destructive ideology in the halls of a very-establishment Columbia University. The clean formalism of modernist poets like T.S. Eliot was something Ginsberg wanted to dismantle–because it was devoid of overt hedonism and perversion–“real life and experiences” as he called it. Ginsberg wanted to bring “real” literature to the Gentiles of America.

We can see this sick ideology permeating every nook and cranny of our society today. The ills of Ginsberg’s philosophy are writ-large in a culture overtly sexualized and plagued by degeneracy. In the 1950’s, frank discussions of sexuality and the explicitness thereof was something that was overwhelmingly seen as a cultural detriment. Polite society would not put up with such straightforwardness regarding what they saw rightly as sexual perversion and unnatural behavior. Ginsberg’s release of the sadistic poem “Howl” in 1956 was the trojan-horse of the crude and imprudent sexualization and degradation of artistic culture that is found hanging over every form of artistic expression in today’s America like a pall—especially the musical scene, which is benighted by deviant themes of drug abuse, murder, sexual perversion and general criminality. This may seem like a puritanical screed right out of some 1950’s PTA pamphlet—but while those long-gowned Christian mothers were overreacting a tad in their chiding of Elvis for hip thrusting and off-color John Lennon comments, what we are faced with now is something far more devious.

It is a society explicitly promoting our boys to be girls and our girls to be boys; to “pop molly” and take “DMT.” To “free their bodies” and “stack bread.” This society, wrought out of Ginsberg’s individual liberation theology, is the inverse of all normality–an affront to naturality–a pacifying egocentrism aimed at sacrificing all forms of societal institutionalism and cohesion on the altar of “do what thou wilt.” It is to take shame, a God-given product of conscience, and replace it with pride; a pride which is constituted by the rejection of all naturality on behalf of individuality. It is to destroy collective morality, honor, dignity and prudence, in the name of “freedom.” By shirking the collective notions of God, Country, and Civility, this anti-ideology posits its adherents as Gods, citizens of themselves, and subjects of the civility of capriciousness.

Degeneration Now!

“I don’t think there is any truth, there are only points of view.” This Ginsberg quote sums up the subjective psycho-anarchy promoted by his movement. Howl, the aforementioned 1956 poem, due to its “many references to illicit drugs and homo-sexuality” was rightly viewed as obscene and was subsequently banned–the publishers arrested. An obscenity trial in 1957 began. The bookstore managers who published it were jailed. Ultimately, Howl and its publishers won the trial, and the poem garnered widespread interest that resonates to this day.

“The tongue and c–k and hand and a—-le holy! everything is holy! everybody’s holy! everywhere is holy! everyman’s an angel! the bum’s as holy as the seraphim! the madman is holy as you my soul are holy!” This graphic piece of Howl is the genesis of the degenerate liberation we see today; it is parallel to the “freedom”, ironically, forced upon our youth; a deification of all things grotesque. The “freedom” to “love who you love”, the freedom to “find yourself” through psychedelic drugs, the freedom to “express your sexuality” and be polyamorous, the freedom to abort your child. Ginsberg takes holiness and appropriates it on all things degenerate and unbecoming. “Is it holy because it’s loved by me, or loved by me because it’s holy”? The former is their twisted mantra.

Now, these notions are not merely espoused by fringe hippies perched on a hill in Haight and Asbury, San Francisco, taking LSD and naval gazing, like they were in 1967. These are the bulwarks of educational and cultural institutions in every corner of this country in 2020. If you reject these ideas of “freedom”, you’re a fascist bigot who has more “phobia’s” than a schizophrenic mental patient. This culture and ideology are not rooted in values, but the eradication of values themselves. To Ginsberg, societal values are a mechanism of state control, a form of oppression and dehumanization. The only value in this ideology is the lack of values; the only virtue is the destruction thereof. In this society, there are no parameters on behavior; the only question is: how debauched can one become to fully “express” oneself? Exploiting and hurting people is ok, because you are expressing yourself; to hell with others.

However, that philosophy happens to eat itself—where’s that recognition of individualism when anyone stands up to the trans culture, homosexual culture, and general deviancy of our culture promulgated by Ginsberg? That type of individualism is strictly banned under this anti-ideology. Any ideology that questions their unfettered individualism is seen as contra-individualism. It is the cultural equivalent of the Latin term “ferae nature.” In this legal term, wild animals do not belong to any party when land is disputed. With this ideology, these people belong to nothing—so they are accountable to and for nothing, and thus capable of anything.

You see, their transgressions only work one way; one cannot commit a transgression lest it question transgression itself.

They want the internal to shape the external; caprice to conquer caution, defiance to dispel deference, incontinence to inform inhibition. They want exhibition to instill institution, and free-will to wrangle good-will. This freedom is bondage; one that gives you the power to be powerless in the vise-grip of rudderless, internal, animalistic whims; which of course, are guided by the perceived abolition of external guideposts. It is an ever-consuming fire of desires; which only can be quenched by the perpetuation thereof.

Our society in 1957 rightly saw the criminal obscenity in Ginsberg’s preaching of promiscuous anal sex, drug use, and general immorality. Now, Howl has been translated in over 30 languages, and college’s recite this “poem” in performances and teach it in classrooms. Schools in Colorado approved the poem to be taught to children, with the curse-words removed. However, teachers encouraged the children to “fill-in” the curse-words, which include incredibly explicit and graphic sexual imagery. The Jewish publication Forward sums up the ubiquitous dissemination of the poem stating: “at some point, in high school English class,” “you’ve likely heard the famous opening line of the Allen Ginsberg poem “Howl””. Oh, and Ginsberg, whose lecherous poems are taught in your children’s school, was also a proud member of NAMBLA, a pedophilia advocacy group in the United States; appearing in their propaganda films…you guessed it, reading his poems. This. Is. America. Where degeneracy engenders dominion.

             In Part 2 we will dissect the celebrity culture of psychedelia progenerated by Ginsberg which led to the collective bildungsroman of slack-jawed psychedelic-podcast-pacifism.

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