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Jewish Philanthropy Group Tied to Epstein, Wexner and Pedophile Ridden Orthodox Jewish Day Schools in NYC



United Jewish Appeal, the largest local Philanthropy group in the world, raises hundreds of millions of dollars to support Jewish interests in New York City. Interestingly, Epstein’s last donation (of many) to Jewish Groups was to UJA, on Dec. 31 2017.

UJA has financial ties to Jewish Day Schools in NYC which have been plagued by systemic pedophilia. Salanter Akiba Riverdale Academy, a Jewish middle school in NYC, has employed at least 3 Jewish administrators charged with child porn and pedophilic activity. As recently as Sept. 2019, Rabbi Jonathan Skolnick was charged with production of Child Pornography. He was the assistant principal of Judaic Studies at the day school. His case is still pending in the Southern District of New York. Oh, and the Rebbe also blackmailed a young boy he solicited explicit photos from.

Stanley Rosenfeld, another administrator at the SAR academy, was even hired by SAR even though they knew he was a convicted pedophile at the time of his hiring who admitted to being a serial molester. Rosenfeld had been abusing children at SAR since the 1980’s, but a report in 2018 uncovered a plethora of fresh allegations against the pedophile—which included his hosting of “sleepovers” with children.

Rosenfeld was also employed at the Ramaz School, another Jewish Day school in NYC. The Ramaz School “found that administrators learned of Rosenfeld’s abuse after he had left the school but failed to act on the information.” Epstein donated a whopping $500,000 to the Ramaz School in Feb. 2008.

Another teacher at SAR, Rabbi Sheldon Schwartz, was found to have also acted inappropriately with “at least four students.” 7 men have since sued SAR and another Jewish Day School in 2019. Schwartz was employed at SAR until 2018, yet no charges have been brought against Rabbi Schwartz as of yet. Now, if these were Catholic Schools, you’d have every news hack and trendy podcaster railing against “catholic pedos.” That type of criticism is kosher–but mention the systematic pedophilia at Orthodox day schools, you’re an unalloyed anti-Semite.

How does the United Jewish Appeal tie into this? Well, as previously stated, not only did Epstein donate tens of thousands (at least once) to the “Philanthropic” 501c3, but UJA also set up a “day school challenge” fund which has greatly benefited schools like Ramaz and SAR. UJA and their “matching endowment initiative”, according to SAR’s 2017-18 financial records, “manages $2.3 million in endowment funds and $1.6 million in effectively matched funds, to benefit SAR.” “The benefit of endowment portfolios is to provide an annual revenue stream to our operating budget in perpetuity, making this an important long-term funding strategy.”

So, Epstein donated tens of thousands to non-profit Jewish funds which funnel money into Jewish day schools riddled with systemic sexual abuse? Nice. On top of that, according to SAR’s records, they receive 5% of their operating revenue from “educational grants”; better known as taxpayer dollars. Oh, and remember Les Wexner? The Victoria Secret mogul who had closer financial ties to Epstein than any man on Earth; going as far to grant Epstein Power of Attorney; (which is unfathomably bizarre) he was hailed by the United Jewish Appeals’ CEO in 2015.

“Thirty years ago, one man had a transformative idea.” “If the Jewish community needs strong leaders, invest the resources in training volunteers and professionals who could become those leaders. The man was Les Wexner, and the idea became The Wexner Foundation, which over the past 30 years has trained 2,500 people across the Jewish world in a range of dynamic and inspiring Jewish leadership programs.” Wexner has donated over $1 billion to Jewish “causes”, according to UJA as of 2015. Not only that, but UJA’s CEO fawned over Wexner and his foundation, happy to be “collaborators and funders” — in their own words.

“In 2017, according to tax documents, [The Wexner Foundation] gave $3.6 million in charity, much of it to Jewish educational causes, as well as more money for educational programs.” Could UJA be a spoke in the laundering wheel–part of the exorbitant supply of money shell gamed by Epstein and Wexner in their sordid operation? This is not a claim nor accusation, but simply an open question that deserves more scrutiny.

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