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A Spectacle of Insanity



If you built a time machine and went back in history as recently as 2010, explaining the prospect of being fired from your job for saying “All lives matter” would have seemed utterly preposterous to the quaint citizens of that bygone era. Taken purely at face value, a statement affirming the positive worth of all human lives is just about the most inoffensive comment possible to normal minds. But here in 2020 we know better, because various institutional powers have insisted that we learn a schizophrenic contextualization of the statement that renders it into a proclamation of white supremacy. When one considers the consequences for your personal employment, there really is no difference between saying “All lives matter.” and “All niggers must hang.” Future Chinese historians will look upon this peculiar American collective hysteria and ponder just how a civilization not under the influence of Mao Tse-tung’s Cultural Revolution could’ve ever reached such lunacy.

At the same time the general public is expected to wear surgical masks of questionable efficacy and practice “social distancing” to slow the spread of a dangerous contagion, the mass-media complex attempts to simultaneously declare that “racism” is an even bigger public health issue and that one is obligated to march in support of Black Lives Matter. Yet again we are confronted with a contradictory and schizoid set of overly contextualized premises: A botched, ineffectual response to a pandemic with an abundance of performative security theater mandates, and a mass spasm of social agitation over an injustice that doesn’t even exist. Nearly every corporation on earth reflexively issued Black Lives Matter copypastas just like Havel’s greengrocer instinctively plopping down a “Socialist workers of the world, unite!” sign in front of his vegetable stand. Everyone is being held hostage mentally.

The final example lays bare how the totalitarian-ideological class truly does rule an upside down world in the exact manner described by Guy Debord. In polite society, one must never speak of how much power Jewish people exert over institutions, particularly the media. As Nick Cannon recently discovered, trafficking in “anti-Semitic conspiracies” means a real Semitic conspiracy will immediately get you fired from your job and forced to apologize. Even Charlamagne Tha God’s wry observation…if there’s one thing Jewish people have showed us, it’s they have the power.” was not particularly well received by an organization of actual Jewish power and Jonathan Greenblatt himself delivered a not so coded remark about Charlamagne needing to learn from Nick Cannon’s mistake.

What we have here is a vast institutional power that EXERCISES this power to silence acknowledgments of its own existence. That itself is a fundamentally contradictory state of affairs that introduces a persistent level of madness and falsehood to the whole social order. As I’ve argued elsewhere, this is an age in which individuals develop an implicit understanding of the world that is predicated on assumptions programmed into you on a subliminal level. You are not supposed to investigate the explicit power relations or conceptualize the ruling order itself as a distinct class of people. No vast Aryan conspiracy could ever get Nick Cannon fired for his comments about white people, but for disparaging Jews he instantly loses a television spot and is forced to apologize. You are encouraged to believe in the non-existent white conspiracy with no actual power and utterly forbidden from noticing organized Jewish control.

Think of this as a trickle down effect, if the elites of this mass-media centered world secure their power in a total lie about its own non-existence, then it follows that everything else brought into mainstream social consciousness will be based on an invisible force capable of totally disregarding actual reality. They’ve already vaulted over the most difficult hurdle so now they’re free to literally make you believe whatever they want, no matter how contradictory, insane, or maddening it may be. If you can’t even acknowledge who holds power then you certainly can’t defeat the disseminated propaganda of that power.

The  ruling  totalitarian-ideological  class  is  the  ruler  of  a  world  turned  upside  down.  The  more  power  the  class,  the  more  it  claims  not  to  exist, and  its  power  is  employed  above  all  to  enforce  this  claim.  It  is  modest  only  on  this  one  point,  however,  because  this  officially  nonexistent bureaucracy  simultaneously  attributes  the  crowning  achievements  of  history  to  its  own  infallible  leadership.  Though  its  existence  is  everywhere in  evidence,  the  bureaucracy  must  be  invisible  as  a  class.  As  a  result,  all  social  life  becomes  insane.  The  social  organization  of  total  falsehood stems from this  fundamental  contradiction.

-Guy Debord

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