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The Negation of Whiteness.



Whether you wish to call it “The Spectacle“, “Hyperreality” or “Capitalist Realism“, the defining characteristic of our times is the constant torrent of mass media bombardment. There is no escape from the unceasing barrage of advertising, fragmented political messaging, and vapid celebrity culture. Certain modes of analysis view this as a system of management and a tool of unrelenting capitalism itself; a means to confuse, demoralize, and make the neo-peasantry anxious enough to purchase more products and waste their energy pulling an endless series of levers attached to fake political machinery.

The idea is simple, you make the individual feel as alienated as possible, and then he’ll be more susceptible to intense marketing of consumer goods that ultimately fail to give him the satisfaction he craves, the satisfaction you’ve intentionally denied him by destroying his sense of place in a stable community of his peers. On the political level, you advertise politicians to him sculpted for their “brand appeal” and ability to deliver devastating personal attacks on their competition. The overall metastability of this system is very high because inculcating a mode of existence based on consumption and defensively voting for the “least bad” candidate in the general populace effectively transforms them into docile bodies ready to be imprinted with the next firmware update from the real power elite. The “end of history” is here, all politics is now calcified into an unmoving monolith with high-powered projectors painting false images over it. Needless to say, this is a very deflationary, pessimistic, and coldly material style of human life, and we live this way by intentional design.

There’s just one little trick that you have to remember to make all this work, you’ve got to give the people a fake option.

Just like in The Matrix, the captive humans will accept your hyperreality if they think they’ve got a choice. False choice in a fake system is a perfect trap for the majority, but if you stop giving them a choice you might just crash the simulation itself.

This is exactly what we see today with messaging directed at whites. We are literally told that our lives do not matter, that trying to assert that our lives have meaning is a “hate crime” and that we are to be endlessly framed on false charges by the media and legal authorities. This isn’t how the system is supposed to work. Instead of a unified corporate and political front aimed at subjecting whites to eternal suspicion, it should’ve presented another fake dichotomy. Imagine if Pepsi-Cola declared its unwavering support for Black Lives Matter while Coca-Cola declared its opposition to “communists” trying to “destroy American history”. Both corporations would rake in profits while bamboozled Americans argued about completely fake, performative politics and used outdated pejoratives on each other. There was a time not so long ago when major corporations did cater to white interests prior to the Dylan Roof shooting, and all those thousands of Confederate Battleflags sold to Southerners didn’t result in some sort of Neo-Confederacy staging a second Civil War. In an environment in which consumers already confuse and entangle commodity purchases with political expression, the financial and managerial incentive would be to provide them with meaningless concessions, not deny them.

The shift out of this stasis at the end of history could very well be explained by a combination of historical influences. A sort of political calculation problem created by the dominance of so called “liberal” beliefs in elite institutions and corporations is making it impossible to actually manifest a will or interest in building more fake avenues for non-liberals to become lost on. As Jonathan Haidt has demonstrated, these liberals aren’t intellectually capable of understanding non-liberals and perceive them as morally repugnant. Combined with the erasure of history common to authoritarian societies of all stripes, and you have a recipe for particularly short-sighted, ignorant, and self-destructive changes in the current neo-liberal paradigm.

Finally, it goes without saying Jewish organizations like the ADL deliver marching orders to tech-companies and corporations, and many of these self-same entities are owned by Jews themselves. To say that Jewish interests frequently diverge from what is best for white Europeans might be the biggest understatement a human intellect could ever express, and the current anti-white machinations are liberally marked by the Star of David.

What this means for whites is that increasingly they are violently unplugged from the Matrix by a set of actors clearly uninterested in pursuing a time-tested and safe long-term strategy. If you publicly state that your life as a white person does in fact matter, you will be fired from your job. If you say that white lives don’t matter, you will be praised and defended. This dehumanization and negation of a salient characteristic like one’s very own racial identity by diffuse private and public institutions has the potential to break the hallucinatory state of the current simulation of everyday life and politics. It becomes significantly easier to articulate or accept a moral case for the importance of your race when people are actively trying to dehumanize you on account of it. Long gone are the days when someone could plausibly deny that whites face any sort of real oppression; now the sheer volume of real world injustices are simply too numerous to even catalog. By closing down online communities where disenfranchised whites gather to vent their frustrations, the specter of face-to-face grass-roots organization of this suspect class out of sheer necessity looms in the near distance. Should this begin to happen, it will be away from the prying eyes of surveillance capitalism and the information asymmetry of the deteriorating situation will only grow worse.

The haze and nihilistic confusion of the post-modern hyperreal spectacle is beginning to dissipate at the hands of a hostile elite who forcibly reify the biological reality of race despite their own mendacious objections to the contrary. No one honestly believes race is a social construct when only ONE race is ever subjected to this deconstruction and critical interrogation. By negating whiteness, whiteness itself is drawn into sharp relief. Who are these people that must be viewed with suspicion and viciously punished for defending their own existence? Why is this being done, and what are the motivations of the groups responsible? The more sophisticated the attack, the more whites themselves are forced to self-reflect on their own reality, as we’ve seen with the intellectual growth of white dissidents over the last decade. I would caution against becoming unduly optimistic about what this means for revolutionary praxis, history is replete with examples of groups successfully oppressed by brutal totalitarianism, but we could also observe that sudden insurrections are not an uncommon feature of white European and American heritage either.

It’s hard to stay asleep when someone is punching you in the gut.

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