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2020: The Advent of Corporate Marxism



The thrust of the BLM movement is rooted in conflict theory nearly identical to the pedagogical understanding of Marxism. The root of their grievance is systematic exploitation and oppression by white people. This is very obvious prima-fascie, but even BLM founder Patrisse Cullors admitted it. “We actually do have an ideological frame.” We “are trained organizers. We’re trained Marxists.” The irony of this statement is truly inconceivable being that the main sponsors and promoters of BLM, are well mega-corporations and capitalists.

On one hand, Patrisse Cullors can hop on with Jacub Tapper (occupational name for wine merchant), a white millionaire, on CNN, a company worth a paltry sum of at least $10 billion dollars, and bloviate relentlessly, while failing to see the incongruency in the platform which puts her on a pedestal, and the Marxist platform she claims to adhere to. Never mind CNN is run by “white” multi-millionaire Jeff Zucker, which operates under Turner Broadcasting; ran by white billionaire Ted Turner; which in turn is owned by Warner Media; ran by “white” multi-millionaire Jason Kilar, which is owned by AT&T; ran by “white” multi-millionaire John Stankey. And AT&T? Well, the giant conglomerate is worth over $200 billion dollars. Oh, but they’re not the bourgeoisie; that’s the other white men worth millions of dollars working under a parent company worth hundreds of billions. Just not those guys, because, well, they have Patrisse on primetime, right? They release company memo’s about diversity, they grovel to the protesters and rioters and denounce orange man. They nod in agreement, “white man bad. Patriarchy bad.”

They hire black proletariat journalists, like Donald Lemon; who compared to Blackrock, headed by “white” billionaire Larry Fink, which owns a pittance of $353 million shares of AT&T, who owns CNN, is surely a wage slave to the “white” shareholders of AT&T, right? Oh, and the number one shareholder of AT&T, Vanguard, owning over 560 million shares, is also run by a “white” multi-millionaire, Mortimer Buckley. Vanguard even brags about their “diversity” within their board of directors. The number one minority represented on the board? Well, Jews–but they’re a majority on the board. The rest are white, and there is only one black guy, or should I say only one minority. Blackrock and Vanguard, the top two owners of AT&T and by extension, CNN, essentially own corporate America in a literal sense. Blackrock, Vanguard, and State-Street, “taken together, have become the largest shareholder in 40% of all publicly listed firms in the United States.” “Together, the Big Three are the largest single shareholder in almost 90% of S&P 500 firms, including Apple, Microsoft, ExxonMobil, General Electric and Coca-Cola. This is the index in which most people invest.”

Blackrock and Vanguard are index funds, which they claim, means that the trillions of dollars they manage and the company itself, is owned by its “customers.” Claiming not to be the owners of the shares they hold — which 90% of S&P firms are dominated by, they claim they are only “custodians for their investors.” Who would believe Blackrock and Vanguard, who own over 900 million shares combined in AT&T are merely custodians of the trillions managed in their index funds? if so, I guess their “customers” or, the proletariats, own the 900 million shares of AT&T, not Blackrock and Vanguard. Yeah, right. They are a private company, not a non-profit. That’s like Bank of America saying they are owned by their customers who deposit their money there — they are only the “custodians.” Ridiculous. Blackrock, State Street and Vanguard, taken together, are the de-facto owners of 40% of all publicly listed firms in the United States–they have voting rights after all. I’m sure Patrisse is just happy to be part of the club, part of the elite billionaire media monopoly Time Warner…a true Marxist!

But to Patrisse Cullors, consolidating $11 trillion dollars of wealth under 3 companies all run almost exclusively by “white men” and “white women” is of no importance to her BLM Marxist ideology. To Cullors, it’s the token intersectionality that corporate Marxists trot out in the form of “diversity boards” “public repudiations” and “unwavering support” for their conflict theory, which is actually not economic, but strictly intersectional. Every oppressed class must rise about against the ruling elite whites!… so what time do we go on Wolf Blitzer? These corporations will print T-shirts with the Gay Pride flag; they’ll self-flagellate with statements about “white privilege.” Facebook purges “white nationalists” for “inciting violence” over a guy who shot at a federal security guard. The perpetrator? A Hispanic guy…. yeah. But burning down police stations, stores and cities in the name of protesting white men and their supremacy? Corporations throw shekels.

They’ll donate millions; like Apple and Google did recently to BLM and in Apple’s case is “pledging a whopping $100 million for a new Racial Equity and Justice Initiative that will “challenge the systemic barriers to opportunity and dignity that exist for communities of color, and particularly for the black community.” Walmart will donate $100 million to create a new center for “racial equality.” To modern Marxists, Wal-Mart is based. Their rabid and fervent anti-union enforcement, coupled with their scheme to assist their employees in getting on food stamps and welfare, oh and their massive undercutting of small businesses nationwide to consolidate billions in the hands of a few is just too much to resist for 2020 Marxists because…”public statement and donation.”

The list of giant corporations lining up to support BLM and intersectionality, is stunning. Like Peloton said in an Instagram post: “we are tired, we are sad, we refuse to sit back and remain idle, while racism runs free.” (Ironic that their product is literally an idle stationary bike.) The merging of Marxism and corporatism is the new norm. The advent of corporate Marxism and the new dialectic thereof is that corporations and intersectional (cultural) Marxists, are struggling and in conflict against “white supremacy” and traditionalism because white people own the “means of production” in terms of a culture/political system that perpetuates their oppression–but Walmart, Apple, Amazon, Blackrock, Vanguard et al? Nah, they are on the side of the oppressed, obviously. But the nation can’t be oppressed by AIPAC, right? Who subverts Congress through an insidious lobbying process which admitted to an undercover reporter “Getting $38 billion in security aid to Israel matters, everything AIPAC does is focused on influencing Congress.” Nah, that Jefferson statue though…

It is simple why these mega corporate Marxists, and their international clique do so much to join the dialectic and fervently amplify and fund the message of a group like BLM and the intersectionalists in general, whose literal goals include “disrupting the western-based nuclear family, foster a queer‐affirming network, destroy heteronormative thinking, and disrupt cis-gender privilege.” It is because their goal is to destroy any semblance of morality and sink the country into a Weimar Republic. A divided cesspool of depravity with no shared culture, but only atomized ideologues tearing down statues from Thomas Jefferson to Leif Erickson.

It’s not the mass monopolized media who lies us into wars and makes billions from big pharma ads who make pills that send granny into bankruptcy…it’s a statue; and your white, married neighbor who works for FedEx, he’s the problem. A cop unjustly kills a black criminal and it’s time to tear the cities down and dismantle local government…war-profiteers with a revolving door in our government and their boardroom who make billions off systematic mass murder? Based. The irony is just mind-numbing.

It is the corporate Marxists interest to push ideologies in a direction that distract from their economic plunder and corruption rather than focus on destroying their corrupt monetary, fiat system. They want the focus on destroying normalcy and cultural and philosophical bulwarks instead–divide and conquer is the name of the game. They want you to hate your neighbor, not them. The perceived oppression based on immutable identity is the vehicle that BLM and other Marxist allies use to oppress other people based on their…immutable identity. Forget judging by ‘content of character’, now it’s by ‘character of content.’ Sound like Nazis to me.

“The unity of the nation disintegrating in a welter of egotistical political opinions, economic interests, and ideological conflicts.”

As was said in Feb, 1 1933, “Starting with the family, and including all notions of honor and loyalty, nation and fatherland, culture and economy, even the eternal foundations of our morals and our faith—nothing is spared by this negative, totally destructive ideology. . .Sound familiar? This ideology promoted by the corporate Marxists on behalf of the BLM Marxists et al, is anti-egalitarian; their unconscious mantra is “you’re only equal, if you’re like me.” Hello based? It focuses not on destruction of the minority of ruling class plutocrats, but the majority of decent European descendants of this country.

Yes, Patrisse, the country has been overrun with a systematic oppressor which has infiltrated our country through ruthless hegemonies. Consolidating wealth, concentrating the media, hi-jacking our banking system and money supply, shipping the jobs and industry out of the country for avaricious lust, spoiled the environment, paid off our politicians, sent our friends and family to die for war-profiteers; and most importantly, destroying the nuclear family and turning neighbor against neighbor.

I think they are on your side, Patrisse.



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