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Reddit Just Banned Every Anti-Capitalist, Pro-White Subreddit



On Monday, the news came down that Reddit had banned several prominent political communities, including /r/The_Donald and /r/ChapoTrapHouse.

/r/The_Donald has been one of the left’s top censorship targets for years- along with Stefan Molyneux’s YouTube channel, which was also axed Monday.

This latest round of web censorship reveals the lie that is a “terms of service violation”: no matter how thoroughly you moderate your community or temper your rhetoric, once you’re on the Anti-Defamation League’s hit list, it’s only a matter of time before your right to speak is snuffed out.

The ADL had /r/The_Donald’s number since at least 2016. Molyneux’s YouTube career was liquidated after being targeted by the ADL’s “Stop Hate For Profit” campaign. My YouTube channel was terminated just days after I was put on an ADL hit list.

And, of course, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman is on the board of the ADL’s Center For Technology and Society.

Reddit has done their best to keep the full list of censored subreddits a secret, only publishing the names of the ten most active communities banned.

/r/ChapoTrapHouse and /r/cumtown are included in the subreddits they admit to banning. Both are affiliated with anti-capitalist leftist podcasts.

Also included in the admitted ban list: /r/consumeproduct, a subreddit that satirized consumer culture and unchecked corporate power.

The list of subreddits Reddit admitted to banning on Monday.

This list has been archived here.

We know from the targeted subreddits that the “Silicon Valley coastal elites and financiers” aren’t just interested in stopping OUR PRESIDENT DONALDUS J. TRUMP’s KAGA RE-ELECTION. They’re fine with nominally populist, anti-capitalist, or anti-elite sentiments so long as they control them. If there’s a risk of that populist, anti-capitalist, anti-elite sentiment being directed away from Red Team Blue Team partisan politics and towards a meaningful alternative, they will mobilize to shut it down.

This top ten list only tells part of the story. Huffman and his partners at the ADL aren’t going to give you the full list of the “2,000+” banned subreddits. Thankfully, Reddit users were able to identify many of the banned subreddits, which can be found here (and is archived here.)

In addition to the aforementioned subreddits, these political boards were also banned:

  • /r/The3rdPosition
  • /r/DebateAltRight
  • /r/ShitNeoconsSay
  • /r/CampusConservative
  • /r/WhichWayWesternMan
  • /r/shabbosgoys
  • /r/TheNewRight
  • /r/WhiteRightsUK

This probably isn’t shocking news to you- Reddit has routinely axed pro-white political communities for years. This round of bannings, however, went even further, targeting communities dedicated to sharing and compiling inconvenient information:

  • /r/HateCrimeHoaxes
  • /r/DiversityNews
  • /r/HBD
  • /r/polfacts
  • /r/blackcrimestatistics
  • /r/holocaustrevision
  • /r/ReallyWoodenDoors
  • /r/Holodomor
  • /r/WhitePillCafe

Banned meme & humor subreddits include:

  • /r/charlsworld
  • /r/basedyesguy
  • /r/WeWuzKangz
  • /r/rightwingcomics
  • /r/BalkanPeopleInternet
  • /r/topnotchshitposting
  • /r/wojak
  • /r/classic4chan
  • /r/OpieAndAnthony

In a move that should surprise no one familiar with the show’s subject material and origins, /r/BanBigMouth was also terminated.

Subreddits did not have to be political in order to get banned, either. Huffman, Reddit, and the ADL claim were “spreading hate” include:

  • /r/Traditionalist
  • /r/whitebeauty
  • /r/whitebeautyart

Suggesting that some white people are beautiful is a revolutionary act that makes you a Nazi. Exploiting economically insecure white women to create pornography is cool, though- just ask /r/CamGirls and their 43,500 members.

The biggest lesson to be learned here: censorship isn’t about breaking the guidelines, following the terms of service, or doing the right optics. It’s not about supporting or not supporting Trump, either.

Left, right, or radically moderate third positionist: if the ADL wants you gone, you’re gone.

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