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Meet Madison Cawthorn, the GOP’s Newest Warrior For Israel



After winning 65% of the vote in Tuesday’s primary, Madison Cawthorn is on his way to becoming the next U.S. representative from North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District.

Cawthorn is a 24 year old real estate investor engaged to a CrossFit model. If this were an alternate universe where the GOP fought for their white base, and wasn’t the political pet project of wealthy Jewish donors, he may very well be an excellent candidate.

But this isn’t that alternate universe, and the fact that Cawthorn is being promoted across the spectrum of conservative media as a rock-ribbed “true conservative” that defeated a Never-Trump swamp creature should be enough to raise your suspicions.

Cawthorn has been treated to laudatory coverage in the Daily Caller. He’s a “millennial conservative” that defeated his “beltway-endorsed” opponent, writes Breitbart, before adding:

At just 24-years-old and an 8th-generation North Carolinian, Cawthorn ran on ending sanctuary city policies, defending 2nd Amendment rights, a fierce pro-life platform, and defending faith-based values against “coastal elites and leftists.”

Whoa! Ending sanctuary cities? A fierce pro-life platform? Sign me up! And he’s running against the “coastal elites”? He must be talking about Jews. He’s just not saying it because he’s a serious, optical guy, unlike those wignats!

As it turns out, Cawthorn is very aware of Jews- painstakingly so. His campaign has only published one full-length policy paper, titled “Isreal (sp) Position Paper.”

Here are some choice selections Cawthorn included in this private policy paper, but suspiciously excluded from his public campaign website.

As a wave of tyranny sweeps across the Middle East, propagated by religious extremists, it is incumbent upon both the United States and Israel to stand resolute together and face the coming storm.

This nation cannot afford to allow states like Syria or Yemen to become hotbeds for terror; this nation cannot well afford to ignore the growing geopolitical threat originating from the Iranian regime, and this nation has very little hope of effectively solving these problems without help from our one ally in the region, Israel.

Later in the paper, after praising Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, Cawthorn continues:

If all of Israel’s enemies in the region laid down their arms, the conflict between them and Israel would cease immediately. If Israel were to lay down its arms, there would be a genocide.

If you believe Palestinians will be made safer by laying down their arms, consider how “peacefully” Israel treats Palestinian civilian targets. Zionists have already told us there will never be peace in the region until Palestinians are physically removed from their homes and land. Israel’s own plans for expansion make it abundantly clear they will be illegally seizing lands- and using force to do it.

This is the rabbinical equivalent of a child telling their younger sibling to “stop hitting themselves.”

Cawthorn continues his paper by calling for expanding U.S. aid to Israel- a true fiscal hawk indeed.

Later in the paper, Cawthorn lambasts Boycott Divest Sanctions groups, calling for “combat” against the First Amendment-protected movement:

The BDS, or Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions, movement is a propaganda and smear campaign that promulgates inaccurate, incomplete, and illegitimate information throughout college and university campuses in the United States.

“Illegitimate information” about Israel is anything short of giving Shlomo whatever he wants, and then some.

The goal of this hate movement is to delegitimize the Israeli state and strip Israel of its right to exist as a Jewish state. The BDS must be stripped bare and exposed for what it truly is, a hate movement, dedicated to anti-Semitic rhetoric and destructive to the peace process. This distraction to peaceful negotiations cannot be tolerated in any form.

Where’s this kind of exterminationist rhetoric on black crime? Anarchist violence? Or even illegal immigration? It’s nowhere to be found- only milquetoast platitudes about “[securing] our borders and [needing] the rule of law.”

Internationally, the Anti-Israel narrative must be combatted at every turn. Over 80% of U.N. General Assembly condemnations target the Israeli state; the U.N. Human  Rights Council, no bastion of human rights itself, has condemned Israel more than the rest of the world combined. I will push back against this Anti-Israel agenda and never rest in my pursuit for equitable and honest treatment of the Israeli people and the state of Israel.

A standing ovation for you, Mr. Cawthorn, for your bravery: being willing to stand up for the “equitable and honest treatment of the Israeli people and the state of Israel” in the current year is no easy feat!

On Palestine:

Although peace is the goal, peace at any cost is not an option. Israel must be guaranteed the safety and security she has long fought for and rightfully deserves. Any final agreement must ensure Israel’s right to exist and guarantee their place in the region as a bastion of hope and democracy. Having traveled through Israel myself, I have seen the passion of its hardworking citizens and their urgent desire for peace with their neighbors.

Urgent desire for peace with their neighbors- on their neighbor’s land, after their neighbors have been executed, drone striked, or raped to death, as is the Israeli way.

Cawthorn concludes his magnum opus with a call for war with Iran:

The enemies of Israel are the enemies of America. The Iranian threat has not gone away and will continue to exert in4luence and cast its shadow over the Middle East. America must work with Israel to combat Iranian overreach and control its influence in the region.

Iran is one of the largest countries in the Middle East. The problematic shadow is that of Greater Israel.

Both nations, working together, have a duty to take the fight to groups like ISIS, and Hamas. These purveyors of terror must be held accountable for the destruction of American lives and property.

Cawthorn’s passions aren’t stirred by the murder of Americans by illegal immigrants, by the displacement of American workers by cheap foreign labor, or even by the destruction of monuments to white Americans in his home state of North America. Cawthorn’s legislative priority, like that of his Floridian counterpart Laura Loomer, will be tricking “nationalists” into thinking it’s time to “LET’S GOOOOO” while actually throwing the brick on the Zionist gas pedal.

The position paper is not linked anywhere on his website- it is only available through search engines. This begs the question- why didn’t Cawthorn include his war hawk views in the “Key Issues” section of his website?

We know the answer- Cawthorn’s campaign didn’t want the voters North Carolina’s 11th district to focus on his hyperzionism. This paper was for the Marcuses, Adelsons, Moskowitzes and Schwarzmans of the world.



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