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Lynching White Men Is The New American Electioneering Tactic



In the aftermath of the Rayshard Brooks shooting, in which an intoxicated black man wrestled with cops and shot one with a taser, both white officers have been fired. Former officers Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan are facing eleven and three charges, respectively. Rolfe is charged with felony murder- a sentence that could mean life in prison, or even the death penalty.

These charges are excessive to the point where even political “experts” interviewed by the anti-white media were surprised. In a piece for USA Today, published before charges were announced, University of Florida Levin College of Law professor Kenneth B. Nunn was quoted as saying he “[doesn’t] think there’s going to be sufficient evidence from what we see to establish an intent to kill,” which “takes murder off the table.”

The unprecedented severity of Rolfe’s charges is being treated as long overdue by some in the media. It’s a sign of progress in America, they contend, that more white men face life in prison for doing their jobs and defending themselves.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard is being praised for his courage in the face of all-pervasive white supremacy. He’s received death threats, of course, but fear not: he’s pressing on. How very brave.

However, a Dissident Mag review of DA Howard’s record shows that his malicious prosecution of two white officers is not only merely based in a need to personally grandstand. Howard’s hope is to distract from a long record of incompetence, fraud, and alleged sexual abuse by lynching two white police officers.

First, the corruption. From the Atlanta Journal Constitution (emphasis added):

The GBI has opened an investigation of Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard and his use of a nonprofit to funnel at least $140,000 in city of Atlanta funds to supplement his salary, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Channel 2 Action News have learned.

Howard is also facing a state ethics complaint for not disclosing he was a chief executive of the nonprofit, People Partnering for Progress, in personal financial statements. On April 15, the Georgia Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission charged Howard with a dozen disclosure violations, most of them involving PPP.

The GBI probe and the ethics complaint followed a report by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Channel 2 Action News about discrepancies between financial disclosures Howard filed with the state and tax filings submitted to the IRS by the nonprofit he heads as CEO.

Not one corruption probe, but three.

A criminal probe of the prosecutor who heads Georgia’s largest and busiest district attorney’s office is highly unusual. But so was Howard’s decision to use PPP as a conduit to pad his salary by at least $170,000 from 2014 through 2017, according to tax records and the nonprofit’s own documents. (Howard’s annual salary, paid by the state and supplemented by the county, is roughly $175,000.)

Howard initially sought an $81,259 salary supplement from the city of Atlanta in a May 2014 letter he sent to then-Mayor Kasim Reed. At that time, Howard wrote, nine other DAs around the state were earning more than he was. Howard did not get that annual supplement, but the city did present him with $125,000 checks in each of the next two years. In a previous statement, Howard said Reed tied the money to Howard’s efforts to address repeat criminal offenders and expand his community prosecutors’ program.

It’s unclear whether the city knew how much of the $250,000 would go to Howard because he paid himself differing amounts from year to year. In 2015, he took in $50,000, then $20,000 in 2016 and $70,000 in 2017, the nonprofit’s tax filings show.

But the July 2014 memo did not address the legality of Howard using a nonprofit to funnel city funds as a way to supplement his salary. PPP’s records say the nonprofit’s mission has been to reduce youth violence.

That’s a $175,000 a year salary, plus $125,000 a year from a state slush fund- for all of the hard work being done in “da communi-tee.”

White residents of Fulton County have unwittingly begun paying the reparations Black Lives Matter and self-hating whites are demanding of them.

And we now have an idea where some of that money may have been going. Paying multiple women for decades of silence can’t be cheap.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution (emphasis added),

A Fulton County administrator has filed a complaint accusing District Attorney Paul Howard of inappropriate comments and unwelcome physical contact in the workplace — sexual harassment she says began in January and continued through early September. She also says she was demoted in retaliation for pushing back.

Howard’s attorney says the claims from former human resources director Tisa Grimes, who lodged a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission but has not filed a lawsuit, are without merit.

During the interview with the AJC and in her complaint, Grimes claimed Howard propositioned her, grabbed her buttocks and seemed to be ever present.“It seemed like every time I went to the restroom he would appear,” she said. In March, Grimes and Howard attended a supervisor’s retreat in Lithonia.Grimes, 45, claims Howard, 68, asked for her room number. Grimes said she knocked on the room door she thought was assigned to Howard’s chief of staff. It turned out to be Howard’s room. She said he answered the door, wearing an “Oxford white long shirt” with no pants. She couldn’t tell whether he was wearing underwear.

“He started to motion me to come into his room,” she said during the interview with the AJC. “I turned around, back to him, and dialed (chief of staff) Lynne Nelson’s phone.”

Maybe, with just the one accusation, you’d extend the benefit of the doubt: it’s a disgruntled employee, or perhaps a spurned lover.

But with Howard, these allegations are a pattern. From the Atlanta Journal Constitution (emphasis added),

A longtime paralegal and records supervisor on Monday sued her former boss, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard, alleging 15 years of “overt, manipulative and aggressive sexual misconduct and harassment.”

Howard has also been accused of 12 public disclosure violations by the state ethics commission.

In an interview with the AJC earlier this year, Cathy Carter — the plaintiff in the just-filed lawsuit — says she acquiesced to a number of random sexual encounters with Howard, beginning in 2004. She was fired last June after ending their unofficial relationship, Carter’s suit alleges.

Twelve public disclosure violations, three corruption investigations, two sexual assault allegations, and one quarter-million-dollar-a-year salary.

When Howard isn’t chasing tail at the office, he’s working on creative accounting for his “charity”- so it’s no surprise people in his county are getting sick of his typical behavior and are ready to throw him out.

From Fox News,

The Fulton County, Ga. district attorney who charged fired former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe with felony murder — an offense that can carry the death penalty — is facing a criminal investigation and a primary runoff in a difficult fight to remain in office after his challenger secured more votes than he did in the June 9 primary.

Fani Willis, who previously worked for Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard, got 42 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary to Howard’s 35 percent, triggering a runoff that will happen on Aug. 11. Willis’ campaign has hammered a message of “integrity, innovation & inclusiveness,” and she has amplified accusations of corrupt dealings by Howard with his nonprofit organization.

Two weeks ago, Paul Howard was in serious trouble- his bad behavior was about to undo his six-figure, easy-livin’ lifestyle. His 50% black constituency was about to kick him to the curb.

Unless, of course, he could lynch two white men and transform himself overnight from a corrupt black politician and likely future inmate into a national “civil rights” hero.

That’s all this case is: a modern lynching, conducted in the service of overlapping regional and national political objectives. Howard gets to keep his grift going. White cops across the country are petrified of doing their job for fear of losing their livelihoods- and freedom. The media gets validation for their claim that Rayquaza Brooks was a peaceful, unarmed gentle giant that was running from the police because he was late to turn in an essay for college.

And you? You get the idealized version of your country- a place with due process and fair prosecutions- smashed to pieces with a jogging hammer.





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