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Steve Bannon: “No White Male’splaining? I’m 100% Good With That”



Remember when Steve Bannon was so mmmtotally mmmbased he had to leave the White House? Huffpo Jews even played along with the meme, running with this on-the-nose banner:

Or maybe chicken swinging Jared Kushner fOrcEd tRuMp aGaInSt hIs wiLl to send Bannon packing.

Or maybe it was time for Steve to head to Italy to set up his globalist nationalist Jedi council and spread Trump’s message of zionism based and red-pilled implicit white nationalism to Europe.

Whatever the copes may still be for some, yesterday Bannon took to his obscure podcast, “The War Room Pandemic”, to oooooown the left by saying “if the left and the mainstream media doesn’t want white male’splaining to happen, I’m 100% good with that”.

See for yourself:

Whites sit down.

Conservative Clergy of Color.

President Trump loved it.

For anyone still wavering on their support for Trump, let alone plan-trusting on Bannonism as the backstop to something something poison pill Jared Kushner, let me spell it out for you: It’s not only over, it was never real. No more copes. No more clinging to a framing on one side of the kosher dialectic but for something scary but equally fake on the other side of it (Biden).

The first step toward something better is to reject both false choices and demand something different. Bannon’s latest quip couldn’t make it any easier.

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