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The Scourge of Anti-Racism

Racism is not the problem, anti-racism is. More diversity means more brush fires. Eventually a fire is likely to take hold and burn its way through our civilization. We will have to take ever more extreme and unconscionable measures to deal with the endless problems associated with diversity, and to stop that conflagration from ever […]



Racism is not the problem, anti-racism is. More diversity means more brush fires. Eventually a fire is likely to take hold and burn its way through our civilization. We will have to take ever more extreme and unconscionable measures to deal with the endless problems associated with diversity, and to stop that conflagration from ever coming to fruition. Thus, the choice before us is between a brutal and violent correction or total dhimmitude.

Earlier this month, a few Italian calcio (football/soccer) fans shouted some mean things at an African footballer. Looks like it is time for another aggressive propaganda campaign meant to persuade white people that racism is the worstest, most evilest thing the whole wide world ever did know. And you’d better believe it. Otherwise, you’re a disgusting, deplorable cockroach who shouldn’t be served at restaurants, respected by society, or protected by the law. That’s what a commitment to anti-racism means nowadays.

Racism, on the other hand, means nothing more today than being white and not hating yourself. Racism, especially in moderation, is perfectly normal, healthy even. It is instinctive, rational, a valuable tool for group and civilizational self-preservation. Sure, under certain social and economic conditions, racism can explode into persecution, violence, or genocide. However, under normal sociopolitical circumstances, widespread moderate racism is not particularly destructive. If anything, out-group prejudices (aka racism) are natural, normal, and remarkably ho-hum.

Waging a war on nature and normalcy, on the other hand, on everyday human foibles, on common perceptual biases, on mere speech which upsets the fragile sensibilities of oligarchs and their puppets, on YouTube celebrities, on backwoods restaurateurs, on cops who join the wrong social groups, on political dissidents who want to visit Europe to simply fraternize and talk with like-minded people—the increasingly totalitarian crusade against racism in all of its forms, no matter how trivial those forms, that is what is abnormal, perverse, abominable, and that is not only a problem, it is the problem. Impossible, inhuman, rabidly enforced anti-racist moral standards have destroyed Western civilization. Our people are now so thoroughly vassalized by this harebrained value system that we do nothing, we can do nothing to resist our own annihilation.

This is not some conspiracy theory, despite what some foolish, lying propagandists over at Wikipedia might want you to believe. It is happening all around us. It can be easily observed by anyone. Our people are being ethnically cleansed from the cities, the nations, and the institutions that our ancestors built. You can be fine with it, but you can’t seriously assert it isn’t happening. Furthermore, it is happening at a rapid pace, and in most Western nations we have no meaningful say in the matter. Whites have no future in America (which our political leaders tell us all the time), and no political representation. Sure, there are plenty of white politicians, but they don’t represent us or our interests. They are beholden to an anti-white power class and an alien, non-Western Cultural Marxist ideology. All too frequently the only democratic choice we have is between a far-left party that hates us and wants to eradicate us, and a faux-right party that hates us and wants to eradicate us. Worse still, both parties want to steal our money in order to line the pockets of rich donors and gigantic megacorps that systematically censor and marginalize us so that we don’t even stand a chance of taking any real political power back from the white-haters at the helm, who daily celebrate our demise and vilify any among us who don’t.

White Westerners are increasingly alienated and irate, increasingly muzzled and mocked, increasingly powerless as citizens, increasingly cynical about government accountability and basic morality, increasingly pessimistic about the future, increasingly choosing not to reproduce, and increasingly turning to drugs and suicide. Visit your local Walmart and look around, or go to a porn website and observe how many beautiful young white women are desperate to drop their pants for a few hundred bucks. America is not progressing, it is collapsing. Diversity has rotted her through to her very soul.

Last month, a New Zealand man shot up a mosque. Shortly after, an African immigrant to Italy tried to light a busload of white Italian children on fire (to far less fanfare and media coverage). After that, an Islamist terrorist from Turkey claimed the lives of four Dutch civilians and wounded four more on a tram in Utrecht. Only an absolute idiot could think this all is working well.

Sure, you could observe these events and argue that racism is actually the problem. Except racism is not going anywhere. That’s pretty clear. Non-white racial activist groups are as active, radical, organized, and well-funded as ever. If racial identity and racial divisions are finally giving way and a new multicultural utopia is coming into being, as men like Obama and Mandela predicted, the data has a very odd way of showing it. Moreover, it’s strange how pro-white activist groups are all hate groups with no exceptions, but all pro-non-white activist groups are love groups or something. Sorry, if the one is racism, so is the other, and if pro-white activism is racism, as our anti-white overlords like to claim, then racism not only isn’t wrong, it is morally right in every conceivable way.

Out-group prejudices are universal. They are built into the human psyche. If minor levels and instances of racism are what is destroying us, then humanity is surely doomed. Fortunately for us, however, racism is not destroying us, anti-racism is. Moreover, does anyone find it strange that the nations everyone complains are so deeply and incorrigibly and systemically racist, or were at one time, were literally the best places on Earth to live, up until a decade or two ago, when diversity started ruining them? If racism is so horrible, why are all of its fruits so darned delicious?

Out-group hostility and hate from outsiders, and in-group preferences and regard for insiders, are why people separate, why they live under their own governments, run by people like them, who identify with them, who are naturally bonded to them, and who care about them almost instinctively. As a general principle, people are simply better off under governments run by their own people (or do you believe in colonialism?), and they are likewise safer and happier in regions and communities populated by their own people. That’s what the Jews took from World War Two, namely that they need a nation-state of their own to be safe from vengeful and hateful out-ethnics. Why did whites learn the exact opposite lesson from World War Two? That’s supremely peculiar, don’t you think?

It is not racism that compels parasitic oligarchs and mindless bureaucrats to cram disparate peoples together into diversitinderboxes, and then to act staggered when those boxes ignite. What did you expect them to do? America’s little low temperature civil war between nationalists and Bolsheviks, between whites and white-haters, remains low temperature because America is wealthy and technologically advanced. Angry and radicalized Americans can be paid off, and those who can’t can be surveilled, controlled, and if need be, imprisoned. Nevertheless, it is ordinary people who bear the infinitude of costs resulting from the manifold repressive measures necessary to keep the house of cards from imploding.

Moreover, if any of that should change, if America should experience an economic crisis for example, expect fireworks. All the kindling is in place, and the sparks are everywhere. Every week there is a fresh spark here in the West: mass shootings, terror attacks, machete attacks, racist taunts, bomb threats, selective censorship campaigns against pro-whites, new draconian laws, new totalitarian speech codes, massive gun grabs, etc. Eventually one of those sparks will catch and spread and be too difficult to contain, producing a much larger conflagration.

We must have the courage to accept that it wasn’t racism which set the stage for the conflagration to come, but anti-racism. Anti-racist ideologues have lied to us and themselves every step of the way. They lie about equality between human populations (the races are vastly genetically different and unequal), they lie about how we can close IQ and performance gaps (their solutions never work), they lie about who is to blame for a wide array of social maladies (never themselves or their corporate paymasters), they lie about who hates who (the Cultural Marxist left hates whites and especially pro-whites at least as much as we hate anyone else), they lie about racism being wrong in moderation (it’s not), they lie about whites being the only group with out-group prejudices (in reality, non-white populations are far more hostile to and prejudiced against whites on average than vice versa, especially in the modern West), they lie about the effects of diversity on meritocracy, wealth inequality, and democracy (it’s bad for all of these things), and they lie about the wonders of multiculturalism (it’s overrated). Their lies are catching up to them. Our lies are catching up to us. The anti-racists have led us to a juncture where neither fork leads anywhere good.

The gulf between morality (the pseudo-morality of anti-racism) and reality (innate inequalities between racial populations, it being in our nature to desire to live around those similar to us, culturally, genetically, and otherwise) has become too wide. Now nature is gearing up to intrude very rudely upon our delicate civilization of snowflakes and smooth-tongued wizards. Because we have denied our nature as human beings, because we have gleaned the wrong lessons from history, because we have adopted a slave morality. And when she returns, she will bring terror and slaughter no doubt. That is the most likely outcome of the Cultural Marxist experiment.

Truth be told, I see only one alternative path, albeit a less probable one, and that path is significantly worse than the one filled with terror and slaughter and chaos. That is the path to total serfdom and subjugation. In order to hold the Cultural Marxist social and governmental system of the West together, even more repressive and totalitarian policies (things are pretty flippin’ bad already mind you) will have to be instituted to keep Western nations from fracturing and balkanizing, to keep dissent and disobedience from becoming normalized and widespread. After all, force is really the only way to keep these insane lies going. For that reason, those of us who are lovers of truth and liberty, who value the human spirit over human flesh, must prefer the former path to the latter. The former Western World is in a very bad place, and as the eminent philosopher Tom Petty once said, “there ain’t no easy way out.” We should therefore welcome the coming conflagration, if that be the price of deliverance. After all, an onerous liberty is preferable to a comfortable bondage.

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