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#JewishPrivilege Lights Up Twitter



The Hashtag #JewishPrivilege has taken Twitter by storm; it began circulating on July 11th and became the #1 Hashtag on the site. It likely spawned from a #JewishLivesMatter Hashtag that began trending a few days prior. Ironically, Jews on Twitter began circulating the Hashtag in order to highlight their “oppression”.

Obviously, this backfired very quickly. Jewish Twitter began bringing out the old deck; Holocaust-Tropes-Canards. “How could 0.2% of the population be the ones who control the “world””, one tweet read, ironically explaining the “canard” of over-representation. The usual suspects chimed in; Sarah Silverman tweeted how her dad “got the shit kicked out of him every day at school 4 being a kike.” Right, because Bedford, New Hampshire, where her father grew up, being one of the most elite cities in New Hampshire, and perennially right around the second highest median income city in New Hampshire, must’ve been a real hot-bed for anti-Semitism.

The irony of how “God’s Chosen People” can claim no privilege is a non-sequitur, of course. How could God Almighty choose these people, bestowing upon them an eternal covenant yet grant them no privileges and bring such vicious “oppression” upon them? I guess God is sadistic, in their case. As you can imagine, Jewish Twitter got absolutely ratioed into high heaven, the Hashtag was hijacked by our fellow travelers and the tweets are golden–exposing the overt privilege of the Chosenites. Here are a few instant classics.

Oh Vey. All these accounts and all this engagement must be either Russian troll farms or bigoted, anti-Semitic incel gamers, right? “None of these canards have a kernel of truth!” They’ll shout. Fortunately, as this Hashtag clearly shows, millions of people understand the insidious system that promulgates the most privilege in this country, and it’s the everyday Yeoman in Rio Rhinelander, USA and also it’s the date farmer in Tehran, and the Programmer in Poland — not a bot-farm ran out of Kaliningrad, (but they get it too). I can’t help but think when seeing the Jewish Twitter response: “the lady doth protest too much.” Shouldn’t Jews be more focused on addressing systemic oppression of their black brothers and sisters? How selfish of them to be sucking all the air out of the social justice diaphragm. Oh, wait.

We do have to thank Twitter for even allowing such a Hashtag to exist on the site, as it’s easy to imagine a future where AI will not even allow such a Hashtag to take root. Unless there are more nefarious stratagems at play — Twitter could be using it as a mechanism to roundup all the Jewish critics and conduct mass purges. When exploring the Hashtag, the calls for “Jack” to ban all these white supremacists who dare speak up are burgeoning. However, the law of unintended consequences is writ-large in terms of BLM protesting oppression; many blacks have wised up to the game, did some googling, and found out who the real oppressors are. This is evident in the NFL’s DeSean Jackson’s “anti-Semitic” tweet, and Ice Cube’s preaching of the Black Cube.

Once you tell millions of people they are oppressed by chiseled granite, many begin to wonder who’s actually pushing this agenda? Moreover, they have the ultimate cover; being black. They have total immunity from the ADL types–because how would it look if the overlords started cracking down on all these black people for earnestly ruminating on their oppression?

Not a good look. Now, they are still funneled through the apology circuit, but it doesn’t change the fact that it seems the Elite ADL and SPLC types have been hoisted by their own petard. Black celebs now question Jews once Jews forced “White Supremacy!” pills down their throat too hard and too often…talk about oppression. All the privilege chickens have come home to roost–in the form of the Jewish Privilege Hashtag. Thanks to the absurdism about whiteness, we’ve been bestowed a giant white pill, courtesy of the chosen ones.

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