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The “America First” Movement Has A Federal Agent Problem



Milo Yiannopoulos is actively collaborating both with the litigants in Sines v. Kessler, but also with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, recently released court documents reveal.

Your knee-jerk response might be: who cares about Milo anymore? Why is he still relevant?

In early 2019, you’d be right- by that point he had been relegated to posting on Telegram and making the occasional YouTube video.

That fall from relevance was interrupted, however, in 2019, when an effort to “rehabilitate” Milo began. He was granted interviews, given favorable coverage, and given a home within the “groyper movement.” He was even invited, by Nicholas J. Fuentes, to do “very helpful” work “behind the scenes.”

Things have happened over the last two years- admissions, leaks, doxings, meetings- that didn’t seem connected at the time. They could be explained as isolated incidents, or perhaps as moments of irony.

In light of Milo’s admitted position as a federal informant, re-examination reveals these events may be more connected than originally thought.

In this piece, we will explore not only Milo’s history of blackmailing dissidents and his relationship with Roberta Kaplan and the FBI- but the “dissident right” figures that knowingly advanced an admitted blackmailer to the forefront of their movement, endangering many people along the way.


Sines v. Kessler

Nearly three years after the Unite The Right demonstrations in Charlottesville, the event continues to be litigated in Sines v. Kessler. The purpose of this lawsuit, as stated by plaintiff’s counsel, is to “bankrupt” white activists and make pro-white advocacy impossible.

Roberta Kaplan, plaintiff’s lead counsel, used this analogy for her work:

Maybe we’re in Germany in the early 1930s; there are certainly parallels—but we now have the ability to do something about this. As a very, very proud Jew, I believe very strongly that we need to fight back—not in the streets, not using violence—but fight back using the courts…My Judaism influences every single thing I do all day long.

For full coverage of Sines v. Kessler, we recommend Eric Striker’s National Justice.

As we come to find, videos leaked from Milo’s “vault” have been “highly relevant material to the plaintiffs'” claims.


Milo And The Vault

On November 3, 2019, Milo released footage of Richard Spencer speaking to supporters after the events in Charlottesville on August 12.

A month later, he went on the Killstream to discuss his actions, and “The Vault” itself:

The audio I dropped of him screaming and ranting about the consequences to him of this death [of Heather Heyer], is but one in a large catalogue of things that I have about Richard Spencer which I will be slowly and excruciatingly dripping out over the next decade. I have never met a grudge I don’t like. I have an external hard drive—I’ll show it to you now.

[Yiannopoulos retrieves the hard drive and displays it to the camera]

This is called The Vault, this is the vault. This has shit on everyone you have ever heard of. Video, pictures, emails, audio, text messages, phone calls. Anything you have ever really wanted to know about every public figure I have ever encountered, most of the conversations I’ve had with people when I’ve been in single party consent state, recorded, archived. I have shit on everyone and I’m now in a position in my career where I’m perfectly happy to start dropping it all, so I have a lot of crap on Richard Spencer and everybody else. Maybe there is a reason to sign up for Telegram after all. So watch this space.

This was perceived by most as little more than a cry for relevance: after a 2017 scandal cost him a headlining gig at CPAC, he lost his patronage from the Mercers, had multiple college tours fall apart, and had struggled to gain traction as a YouTube content creator.

In hindsight, it should have been taken as a threat.

On April 6, 2020, Milo published another video taken on August 12. This video contributed to the re-doxing of a former Identity Evropa member, who we will not name to protect his identity.

Milo’s “vault” did not come up again until June 25, 2020, when it was mentioned in a Sines v. Kessler plaintiffs’ motion.

According to the documents filed in the U.S. Court for the Southern District of New York:

Yiannopoulos had at one point been considered “on the same team” as certain of the organizers of the Charlottesville event, but they subsequently had a falling out, and amidst discovery in the Virginia litigation, Yiannopoulos publicly and proudly released highly relevant material to the plaintiffs’ claims.

This is a reference to the leaked Spencer audio.

Shortly thereafter, the plaintiffs issued Yiannopoulos a non-party Rule 45 subpoena, and Yiannopoulos boasted the same day that he would be “delighted to supply everything in [his] vault,” and that he would “be in touch soon.” He later confirmed to the plaintiffs’ counsel that he “had just looked into the basis for the lawsuit and I think I can help you more than you might realize. We can discuss when I see you.”

Yiannopoulos made similar representations in person to the plaintiffs’ counsel, describing in specific detail the materials he uniquely possessed that were directly relevant to certain of the defendants and their roles in planning the Charlottesville attacks.

Sines v. Kessler plaintiffs’ counsel Roberta Kaplan.

Milo isn’t being forced, under threat of imprisonment, to assist the plaintiffs. He’s an enthusiastic participant.

This brings us to the justification for the motion: apparently, Milo is yet to provide plaintiffs’ counsel with the information they are requesting.

Yiannopoulos’ production date came and went, and he produced nothing, even though the plaintiffs narrowed the scope of the subpoena and voluntarily extended the production deadline twice.

Milo, or one defending him, may argue that this is proof he’s “trolling” or otherwise playing a trick on plaintiff’s counsel. This theory doesn’t work- Milo had already proven he possessed surreptitiously recorded information dating back several years when he released the two video clips.

The Spencer video was described as plaintiff’s counsel as “highly relevant material to the plaintiffs’ claims.”

It’s clear Milo has information that he’s willing to turn over to harm white activists- the only question is the price, and to whom.

Agent Yiannopoulos

The motion- which can be found in full here– details the negotiation between Milo and plaintiff’s counsel. Milo agrees repeatedly to turn over “all audio and visual recordings…in [his] possession relating to the Unite the Right event that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 11 and 12, 2017, and which were recorded in Virginia,” in addition to “any other communications between you and any of the defendants in Sines v. Kessler that relate to Unite the Right.”

In mid-January, at the last minute, Milo pulls back. The hangup? Money and the FBI.

A screenshot of US SDNY filing, which is available directly from Integrity First For America’s website.

He wrote to plaintiff’s counsel:

Hi Michael. Thanks for the update. So far I’ve spent $3,500 on travel and associated expenses to review materials on your behalf. But many questions remain about the FBI’s desire to acquire them exclusively.

I am meeting my contacts at the Bureau next week in person and will be in a better position to answer you after that. As I’m sure you will understand I have been obliged to prioritize federal law enforcement over your civil action.

The play is hilariously transparent. One wonders what would have happened if plaintiff’s attorney had offered to compensate Milo for his “travel expenses.”

In later communications, Milo confirms that under advice of the FBI, he will only be providing information to federal investigators.

Upon researching this matter thoroughly on your behalf, and after discussion with the law enforcement agenc(y/ies) to which I previously alluded, and to whom, as we discussed, I am compelled to give deference, priority and in most cases exclusivity, and in light of the agreed and newly contracted scope of your subpoena, I am writing to let you know I will not be producing any documents or recordings as I possess nothing that falls within the scope of our discussion.

Milo later denies having any information related to Charlottesville, the lawsuit, the defendants, or anything at all, really! – a statement belied by his April release of another Charlottesville-related video.

Clearly, the “vault” exists. Milo, by his own admission, spent his tumultuous time in the spotlight building a blackmail file on pundits, activists, and anyone he ever had a conversation with. He admitted to keeping these records in December 2019- but this type of behavior is not at all unusual coming from someone like Milo.

Gay men are, by their own admission, notoriously catty. Milo says it well- he’s “never met a grudge he didn’t like.”

Milo’s stated positions on Israel- describing himself as a “paid-up Zionist” that wants a Jewish “super-state” in the Middle East- square nicely with Roberta Kaplan’s own ideas about Jewish supremacy.

His character and persona have been known since 2016 when he reached e-celeb status. In 2017, in the wake of the pedophilia scandal, losing the patronage of the Mercers, and his “gay Jew that has sex with black men” conservatism losing its appeal in favor of genuine pro-white, pro-working class ideology, Milo was just about finished.

Had he continued on that trajectory, he would have been finished and likely stepped away from politics. The “vault” would be stale, and the surreptitiously recorded conversations would have hit a dead end years ago.

For this reason, it’s important to look at who kept Milo around and who was responsible for rehabilitating his image.


A Real Serious Guy

Nicholas J. Fuentes presents as a very devout Catholic preeminently concerned with morality and purity. From his mother’s basement, he imitates beating “trad moms” that annoy him, discourages his followers from meeting women, and has disparaged this author as a “hedonist degenerate” for being a married father of two.

Politically, like Milo, he is a self-described political conservative that denigrates third positionism as a “revolutionary progressive ideology.”

Fuentes has never shied away from accusing “hard-right wignats” of being federal informants. For example, in this clip from 2019, Fuentes accused TRS of “waving the Nazi flag,” having an “owner, investors, a 501c(3)” and being a federal honeypot because of “Chris Cantwell stuff,” which he refused to elaborate on (because there was nothing on which to elaborate).

Fuentes, like Cantwell, was an attendee of Unite The Right in 2017.

Fuentes also accused TRS of being federal agents because they do “meetups,” and poisons the well by implying, before cutting himself off, that TRS actually asked for people’s social security numbers (an obviously false claim).

“I also don’t do IRL meetups, I’m not asking for your information, I’m also not saying ‘hi, come meet me in person, come meet my friends in LA, we’re gonna host meetups, show me a picture of yourself, give me your social se-,’ that’s not happening.”

This is ironic given that Fuentes, Patrick Casey, and Michelle Malkin all participated in the AFPAC event- whose funders have not been revealed- just a year later.

“I also see the wignat stuff, and most of them are Jewish or whatever,” he continues- again, ironic given the amount of self-professed Jewish “groypers” and “anti-wignats.”


Fuentes’ desperate, flailing allegations about TRS need to be re-examined in light of what we now know about his close confidant and Groyper ally, Milo.

In December 2019, Fuentes flew to Miami to spend time and do an interview with Milo. On December 7, 2019, shortly after Milo released the Spencer clip and bragged about his blackmail “vault,” the interview was released on YouTube, and promoted by Fuentes.

Also in December, Milo released a piece on titled “Nicholas J. Fuentes is Winning.” In the piece, he praised the “groyper” movement, and expressed promise that it could be reformed to replace race consciousness with Catholicism, stop talking about Jews and Israel, and talk more about Islam.

It’s true that this side of the aisle [Groypers] contains some genuine racists—remnants of Richard Spencer’s thankfully deceased alt-right—and people who flirt in an ugly and reprehensible fashion with Nazi ideas. But that’s a small slice of an emerging youth movement that in my view we should embrace and seek to enlighten, rather than reject and name-call.

I do have some serious questions for Fuentes about the groyper worldview. For one thing, I want to know why they seem so obsessed with Israel and so rarely talk about Islam. Is it a streak of envious anti-Semitism? Or a principled stand on foreign aid to a country that doesn’t need it and might even be better off without it? Personally, I’m an unreconstructed Zionist, because I think we need a strong ally in the Middle East from which to nuke Mecca.

I also think that in any case, the paltry amount of aid Israel gets—a fraction of a per cent of the federal budget—just doesn’t matter that much. While I agree with Fuentes that this administration has perhaps done more for Israel than it has America, Fuentes may be coming around on this point. He recently told his followers to lay off the Israel stuff.

How has Nick Fuentes managed to captivate and charm so many? He is undeniably talented, charismatic, quick on his feet and influential. But he is also still only twenty-one years old, which means either that he’ll be around for decades, and that this is just the start, or that he’s headed for an ugly implosion. I’m intrigued by him, and by the movement he’s leading, and although I don’t like everything they have to say, I’d rather have them on my side than not—especially if they can be persuaded that religion, and not race, is the ultimate source of culture.

From what I’ve observed, the vast majority of Fuentes fans aren’t racists or ethno-nationalists. They’re just young Americans concerned about the turn their beloved country is taking, and they’re unconvinced by creaking, geriatric arguments from Conservative, Inc. about how everything would get better if we’d only open our borders a bit more. Many of them express a strong devotion to Christianity, which is certainly encouraging.

The piece is archived with commentary here.

At this point, Milo’s intent is clear: hijack nationalist sentiments away to steer them away from racial & class consciousness, directing them instead towards a pro-Israel, pro-Catholic, anti-Islam, anti-family “groyper nationalism.”

Fuentes described this piece as a “great take on the Groyper Wars,” before sharing a photo of him & Milo on a pizza date.

One wonders what Nick’s favorite part of the “great” piece was- the rebuke of wignats that actually talk openly about Jewish power? The reinforcement that racism and ethnonationalism are beyond the pale? The “unreconstructed Zionism”?

Anyone rehabilitating or promoting Milo after he explicitly stated his intentions must be held accountable.

As it happens, after his December Miami Meetup, Fuentes doubled down on promoting Milo- he has reposted or mentioned him on Telegram seventeen times since the 2019 interview, including a post on February 20th in which he promoted Milo’s new book about Roger Stone.


Milo’s publicly stated intent is to steer the “America First” movement back towards conservatism. As Fuentes explains in this undated video from early 2020, he perceives Milo as “extremely supportive,” noting that “behind the scenes” he has done some “favors that have been very helpful,” and has played a key role in setting up Fuentes’ new website, “helping immensely.”

The full video clip is available for download here. It is no longer accessible on YouTube.

Milo Yiannopoulos is an admitted federal informant that worked “enthusiastically” with litigants in Sines v. Kessler to bankrupt and imprison white activists. He has stated his intention to steer emerging nationalism in a safe, Zionist direction.

Nick Fuentes’ friendship and close work with Milo help explain his campaign against “wignats,” those he perceives as talking too openly about Jewish power in America.

Fuentes’ history with “fed” accusations bears re-examining.

  • Summer 2019: Fuentes insists TRS must be federal agents because they “had meetups.”
  • December 2019: Milo admits to having a “vault” and having recorded all of his conversations over the last few years. He and Fuentes spend a weekend together and Milo publishes his plan to steer young nationalists away from race and class consciousness, towards Zionism and Catholicism.
  • Early 2020: Fuentes enlists Milo’s to do some “extremely helpful favors,” including setting up his new website.
  • February 2020: An unknown financier funds “AFPAC,” a groyper meetup in DC. The event is video recorded. Attendees are not barred from possessing cell phones or recording equipment.

Fuentes owes his audience an explanation: why is he bringing an ardent Zionist into the “groyper movement?” Why is an admitted blackmailer and federal agent being enlisted to help build Fuentes’ web infrastructure? What exactly were the “favors” Milo pulled on his behalf? How long did he know Milo was working with Roberta Kaplan’s Sines v. Kessler legal team and the FBI?

Nick Fuentes objectively has a closer relationship with an admitted federal informant than any of the “wignats” he disparages on his blue-check, system-approved Twitter account.

From Reinhard To Tryhard

Patrick Casey’s relationship with Milo is especially damning in light of the dozens of former Identity Evropa (IE) members that have been doxed under his leadership.

On November 3, 2019, Patrick Casey (who formerly used the pseudonym “Reinhard Wolff”), shared Milo’s leak of surreptitiously-recorded Spencer audio. He feigned outrage at the audio, musing:

“Welp, this awful but unsurprising. Richard Spencer is a profoundly broken, hateful person, which is why virtually no one wants to work with him.”

Identity Evropa is a party to the Sines v. Kessler lawsuit. This video has been described by Sines v. Kessler plaintiff’s counsel as “highly relevant material to the plaintiffs’ claims.”

On the December 3 Killstream, Milo bragged about his “vault” and threatened to begin releasing compromising information on right-wing dissidents.

AIM leader Patrick Casey chose to remain amicable to Milo- debating the merits of classical music with him the next day.

In April 2020, Milo posted one of the videos from his “vault,” which led to a re-doxing of a former AIM leader.

Did Patrick Casey retaliate against Milo? Did he stick up for his guy?

No- in fact, exactly the opposite. Casey, like Fuentes, continues to share and repost Milo’s content on Telegram on a regular basis.

Like Fuentes, Casey campaigns against “feds” and “wignats.” In this post from January 23, Casey postulates a link between “Alt-Right/wignat stuff” and the federal government.

In this Telegram post from June 25, 2020, Patrick Casey reaffirms his Zionist bonafides, offering his totally unsolicited opinion that yes, he believes Israel has a right to exist:


As a leader of an activist organization, Patrick Casey bears a special responsibility for his members’ security. Vigilance against provocateurs and federal informants/agents is a key component of good operational security. By knowingly participating in the rehabilitation of federal informant Milo Yiannopoulos, he has broken his members’ trust.

Milo, Fuentes, and Casey all benefit from their symbiotic relationship. Milo gets the attention and relevance he needs. Fuentes gets to punch right, distancing himself from pro-white positions as he leads his audience safely back towards Trump and conservatism. And the “wignats” in Patrick Casey’s organization are doxed, fired, and have their lives destroyed- in most cases leading them to abandon pro-white activism.



Milo Yiannopoulos being a federal informant and enthusiastically offering to aid Roberta Kaplan should not come as a surprise to anyone. He’s gay, Jewish, and made his name as a campus provocateur. He needs the attention.

The deeper issue is how Milo has been rehabilitated by members of the self-described “dissident right.” The very same “Catholic” pundits expressing deep concerns about premarital sex are linking arms with a homosexual, gay-married Jew. Milo’s career was dead in mid-2019; even his alt-lite allies had left him behind. He had been relegated to posting sporadic YouTube skits and Telegram updates- and in just in that moment, Nick Fuentes and Patrick Casey swoop in to save him, beginning a now year-long effort to rehabilitate his image.

In any gay op, there’s always the question: who was in on it, and who fell for it? While one can be forgiven for being swept up in the excitement of something new and promising, those complicit in the op need to be called out and removed from the community.

It’s okay to be wrong and make mistakes. I don’t begrudge anyone that got caught up in the “groyper wars,” thought American nationalism was the way to go, or was hopeful about the prospect of infiltrating and influencing the GOP.

At one point, I considered myself an American nationalist. I personally attempted to hold a position of power in the GOP. But when those strategies became untenable or failed, I learned from my mistakes.

Betraying people’s trust for a nefarious end, however, is unforgivable.

It’s one thing to look at a preponderance of circumstantial evidence, but in this case, we need only to look at Milo and Nick Fuentes’ own words. Their stated and celebrated purpose is to stop young nationalists thinking about themselves in racial & class terms: white, working class, middle class. Instead, do cultural conservatism for the 21st century incel: tone down the talk about Israel, having a girlfriend is cringe, and anyone that wants to break the left vs. right rat maze is a trailer-dwelling, sex-obsessed wignat.

The elites are afraid of whites on the right and left seeing past artificially-constructed partisan differences and opposing them on the basis of race and class. In other words, as Fuentes put it, “national socialism” or “revolutionary progressivism.” Conservatism of any flavor- America First, Trumpism, paleoconservatism- these all can be, and have been co-opted.

Betrayal is unforgivable. Inserting yourself into a racially and class-conscious white movement for the purpose of directing it towards conservatism is shameful and treasonous beyond words.



7/9/2020 21:15 PST: grammar and correcting timeline.

7/9/2020 21:20 PST:

Milo has responded in a statement. He confirms that he met with the “ADL’s lawyers” at “their offices in the Empire State Building.” Additionally, he confirmed that he did meet with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

He has not disputed the extent of his conversations with either the FBI or Kaplan’s legal team as presented in the SDNY filings.

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