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All Displays of Jewish Power Are Bad for Them and Good for Us



In light of Trump’s recent executive order that essentially prohibits any criticism of Jews whatsoever at universities that receive federal funding (all of them), it’s important to first acknowledge the underlying rationale for the order. That was to shut down the “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement” against Israel in protest of its appalling treatment of the Palestinians.

What could a leftist and primarily student movement, which has been around for years while accomplishing nothing of substance, ever impose on Israel against the opposition of Global Jewry, the single most powerful and coherent entity on this planet? BDS doesn’t even make the fact-based criticisms of Jewish power that define the Dissident Right.

Trump’s handlers have used the justification that the BDS movement has “left some Jewish students feeling targeted” on campus, therefore it must be shut down, along with academic discourse that implies the Palestinians might have a valid set of grievances against Israel. There’s already been a concerted private effort underway to work up a target list of offending academics, so it’ll be interesting to see how all of this plays out.

The problem that Jews must confront is that their decisive power over Western countries as a minuscule minority isn’t based on anything that the average Gentile would find democratically legitimate or morally acceptable. That’s something implicitly understood by politically-oriented Jews because they exercise this influence.

Precisely because they understand how it works, they also know that if the average person acquired a cursory suspicion of the obvious there’d be a very nasty backlash. This is part of a cycle which has been consistent throughout Jewish history, with the same set of objectionable behaviors leading to the same set of unpleasant results for Jewry. It’s occurred in over 100 distinct iterations by some counts.

The genuine motivation for what’s going on here seems to be that the social, demographic, and economic stability of Western societies is disintegrating. This can be easily observed by any rational, well-informed individual regardless of what rhetoric they may employ in service of their cause. We are in rough waters and there’s nothing calm on the horizon.

While what currently transpires may be profitable for a variety of Jewish business interests, and the average Jew may take satisfaction in seeing our culture, heritage, and values humiliated and vanquished, many of them now sense that their position atop a crumbling structure is tenuous. They see it better than most of us because they expend so much effort suppressing it. The ongoing upheaval in France is a prime example.

There’s no better evidence to them of what’s going on than the proliferation of counter-Semitic sentiment in Western populations that’s arisen in conjunction with the profusion of alternative media content providing information they desperately don’t want disseminated. They’ve worked themselves into a panic over it.

They know there’s no effective rhetorical strategy to deceive someone into rejecting the plain truth about reality. That’s why they’ve endeavored to shut down free speech, whether it occurs on a campus sidewalk or the internet. In doing so, they’re stepping from behind the curtain to put their real power on full display.

It’s one thing to de-platform dissidents, harass them with frivolous litigation, and cut them off from the financial system. This is a campaign of repression that necessitates coordinated, systemic power that no group in this country besides Jews could possess. However, it has all been conducted behind the guise of “the free market”. That’s something that mainstream conservatives and libertarians can defend. Even leftists have zero hesitation to cite this justification.

Fortunately, serious problems arise when they use their undue influence over Trump to get official government regulations imposed to curtail what is universally recognized as freedom of speech, a core tenet of what it means to be an American. In other words, this codifies what they don’t want the Goyim to know in writing by the President himself. The text even identifies them as a nationality. It’s really quite incredible.

A bunch of them, including Kenneth Stern who wrote the “working definition of antisemitism” used in the executive order 15 years ago, are now shrieking about how it’s being used to shut down freedom of speech by “rightwing Jews”. They understand how terrible this looks, just as many Jews appreciate just how badly rightwing (Neocon) Jews made all of them look by using their power to dispatch the US military into the Iraq debacle.

The good news for us is that it’s just one more in a steady series of events that keeps pulling back that curtain for more and more people. It’s part of why traffic to dissident media outlets has been growing steadily even as interest in the MSM hysteria has been declining. This is a process, and a lengthy one to be sure. What the next big event will be is a matter of speculation. What’s guaranteed is that there’s plenty more to come.

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