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Astroturfing the Rightwing Youth



Consider the following conundrum for the Guardians of the Kosher Sandwich:

-Calling for violence to secure and expand the Jewish enthostate of Israel is fine.
-Advocating to peaceably uphold a state based upon a White racial polity is bigotry.
-Denouncing Israel by using this same standard is antisemitism, the gold standard of evil.

There’s no logical consistency between these core tenets of acceptable public discourse if one accepts the premise that America is an entity run by Americans, all of whom are equal. In other words, an individual of this sort would expect some objective standard of fairness to be universally applied. Such people pose a genuine threat.

Jews exercise plutocratic control over all levers of power in this country. As a matter of both religious principle and secular ethnic chauvinism they consider themselves to be God’s Chosen People subject exclusively to their own standards. Everyone else is disposable cattle to whom a standard based upon utility to Jewish interests is applied. This underlying premise must never be recognized by their audience. That is their primary mission.

For the guardians on the Left, this has ceased to be a rhetorical obstacle of any significance. First of all, it’s never been a spectrum of discourse that attracts those seeking logical consistency. It’s heavily female, most of the men are mentally (and physically) unmasculine. The rest are Jewish pied pipers. These are people to whom subjectivity is an operational principle. They don’t go through life getting irritated that things aren’t assessed according to reason.

Second, Jewish issues have no real place of significance in their current narratives unless it’s how they’re innocents being threatened by White Supremacists who represent the foremost terrorist threat to this country, inspired by the evil orange dictator. The Left wages successful campaigns on many fronts against legacy America to the point where condemning criticism of Israel is best reserved as provender for Republican legislators.

Indeed, it’s much easier to press forward than to lead a retreat while trying to convince the cannon fodder they’re winning by running away. The Kosher Sandwich has an incredibly unequal distribution of labor. Those on the Right must really envy the ease of daily life for their comrades to the Left.

Right-leaning goyim inherently seek objectivity, noticing the lack thereof with alacrity. This is something that fundamentally cannot be provided by their slice of the sandwich. That leaves three weapons for the guardians: instilling fear in the timid, deplatforming the undaunted, and astroturfing the potentially gullible.

The first two are undeniably effective. Without them, we’d be living in a nation vastly more amenable to rightwing, pro-White sensibilities. However, they haven’t stopped the massive proliferation of opposition to the Kosher Sandwich gaining steam over the past 6 years. That leaves astoturfing as a final gambit to keep the Dissident Right on the periphery.

Faking a version of youthful, insurgent conservatism that lies within acceptable parameters is the goal to which considerable resources have been devoted. An organization like TPUSA is quite an expensive endeavor, undertaken mainly by Jewish donors.

Its personalities do appearances with everyone from congressman to the President’s son. The latest stunt, a college speaking tour, traveled all over the country. None of this is cheap. If TPUSA had to operate on revenues generated from its audience, they wouldn’t be able to rent a porta-potty.

At first glance, it would seem like combing the tired tropes of Conservatism, Inc. (astroturf for older generations) with the embrace of LGBTQ is a counter-intuitive tactic since many young dissidents are animated by their revulsion towards that filth.

The successful approach would strike the uninitiated as being an endorsement of dissident conservatism minus criticism of Jews, while trying to make a spurious connection between it and pro-Zionist rhetoric.

In reality, that discourse merely opens up a pipeline towards the Dissident Right for those who weren’t exposed to it directly. That’s because Zionism is both logically inconsistent with everything else and a threat to the survival of the West in general.

If you’re not stupid, that will eventually become apparent after enough of their chicanery. What they’ve discovered since Trump entered the political fray is that there’s a perilously short distance between “MAGA” and “Hitler did nothing wrong”.

Thus, TPUSA was left as the only approach worth trying. It seems that they were relying on the youth and appeal of its personalities to sell the whole unsaleable package. It’s proven a dismal failure, having never built a genuine audience of any substantial size despite all the money lavished on it.

All it took was a speaking tour for a bunch of college kids to expose these guys as goofy hacks. Don’t expect a fresh patch of astroturf to humiliate. Draconian suppression is all they’ve got now.




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