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First, they came for the Kurds: Emergence of a Neo-Ottoman Empire and the tangible threat to Western Civilization

‘The Republic of Turkey, just like our previous states that are a continuation of one another, is also a continuation of the Ottomans … Of course, the borders have changed, forms of government have changed… But the essence is the same, (our) soul is the same, even many (of our) institutions are the same.’ Recep […]



‘The Republic of Turkey, just like our previous states that are a continuation of one another, is also a continuation of the Ottomans … Of course, the borders have changed, forms of government have changed… But the essence is the same, (our) soul is the same, even many (of our) institutions are the same.’

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of Turkey, February 10, 2018

‘God willing, we will bring the order and justice of the Ottomans to today and into tomorrow’

Ahmet Davutoğlu, Former Prime Minister of Turkey, extract of speech, Blue Mosque, Constantinople, July 17, 2015

North-Eastern Syria, October 9, 2019. Elements of two Turkish Corps, supported by a plethora of auxiliary paramilitary units, invade the Kurdish territories of the Syrian Arab Republic. The diplomatic chatter, flooding Western nations, categorically depicts that NATO endorses Turkish aggression. In fact, hints of complacency towards the expansionist aspirations of the Erdogan regime had surfaced long ago. As early as January 22, 2018, former United States Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, had emphatically foreshadowed what was to come:

‘Turkey is a NATO ally. It’s the only NATO country with an active insurgency inside its borders. And Turkey has legitimate security concerns.’

The Ankara policy makers have so far been extremely successful in masquerading wars of conquest as legitimate ‘interventions’ aiming to ‘protect minorities in danger’. What is now unfolding within the perimeter of the so called ‘Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria’ (otherwise known as Rojava) has many parallels to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus back in 1974. Then, as now, Turkey acts with the full backing of the US Government.

We must not allow ourselves to be deceived. Erdogan does not possess either the courage nor the resolve to pursue an independent course of action. However problematic it may appear to some, the reality is, Turkish foreign policy plans materialize only when Tel Aviv and Washington give ascent. The following paradigms will serve to make this clear.

To begin, it is highly hypocritical for President Trump to proclaim:

‘I think the Kurds are great people, they are incredible fighters, they are wonderful, warm, intelligent allies’ – July 12, 2018

and again:

‘We do get along with the Kurds, we try to help them allot. Don’t forget, that’s their territory (referring to northern parts of Syria-Iraq), we have to help them, I want to help them … they fought with us, they died with us … tens of thousands of Kurds died fighting ISIS … we don’t forget, I don’t forget.’ – September 26, 2018

Only to finally deliver the Kurds into the hands of his genocidal vassals.

As was divulged by Fahrettin Altun, Communications Director of the Erdogan regime:

‘During a phone call with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Sunday, President Trump agreed to transfer the leadership of the counter-Islamic State campaign to Turkey … The Turkish military, together with the Free Syrian Army, will cross the Turkish-Syrian border shortly.’

Observe the rather unsubtle terminology that provides validation to the entire affair. The invasion was disguised as an effort to combat the ‘Islamic-State’. I was under the impression the Caliphate had long been eradicated; was I wrong? And even if some remnant skeleton forces still persevere in Syria, by what right does Turkey cross the borders of another nation in order to combat said threat? Also, if the supposed goal is to fight ISIS, the Turks seem to render the radical jihadis a great service, rather than hinder them, since, according to Bethan McKernan, the Guardians Turkey and Middle East correspondent:

‘At least 750 people with suspected links to Islamic State have reportedly fled a displacement camp in north-east Syria, local officials have said, raising fears that the Turkish offensive against Kurdish forces in the area could lead Isis to regain strength amid the chaos. The news came at the same time the US ordered all 1,000 US troops to withdraw “as safely and quickly as possible” from the region after learning that the Turkish operation was likely to extend further than Ankara’s proposed 20-mile (32km) “safe zone” on the border between the two countries.’

Analytic map depicting the preliminary stages of the Turkish offensive to North-East Syria. Note that the so-called ‘safe zone’ for refugees is quite possibly code word for annexed territory. (

The timing of this nefarious affair is also of paramount importance. Turkey moved against the Kurds immediately following the US Government’s announcement that its military assets in the region would depart. The Times of Israel summarized:

‘Turkey launched a military operation Wednesday against Kurdish fighters in northeastern Syria after US forces withdrew from the area … Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the start of the campaign, which followed an announcement Sunday by US President Donald Trump that American troops would step aside in a shift in US policy that essentially abandoned the Syrian Kurds. They were longtime US allies in the fight against the Islamic State group.’

Unsurprisingly, the Israeli authorities’ reaction to Turkish warmongering is of the same temper as that exhibited by the Trump administration. That is, public condemnation yet private approbation. Michael Rubin of the ‘Washington Examiner’, in a very insightful article, wittingly remarked:

‘Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu loves the Kurds, at least from afar. On Oct. 10, 2019, he issued a statement declaring: “Israel strongly condemns the Turkish invasion of the Kurdish areas in Syria and warns against the ethnic cleansing of the Kurds by Turkey and its proxies. Israel is prepared to extend humanitarian assistance to the gallant Kurdish people.” … Kurds would be right to question Netanyhu’s virtue signaling. After all, Netanyahu was prime minster in 1999 when Israeli intelligence allegedly helped tip off their Turkish counterparts to the presence of Kurdistan Workers Party leader Abdullah Öcalan in Nairobi. Turkish forces seized Öcalan, ultimately returning him to Turkey where he has been imprisoned ever since … Netanyahu also endorsed Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani’s ill-advised independence referendum, encouraging him to go forward with a move without regard to the easily foreseeable consequences. In a sense, when the United States was both privately and publicly telling Barzani to delay his referendum as Iraqi Kurdistan would be defenseless against an Iranian retaliation and the U.S. was unwilling to go to war against Iran, Netanyahu urged Barzani to take the leap. From the point of view of many Iraqi Kurds, what transpired was disastrous: The Iraqi government reclaimed disputed territories which the Kurds had seized three years previously, Iranian-directed militias entered the oil rich city of Kirkuk, and Netanyahu did nothing as Barzani retreated with his figurative tail between his legs to his mountaintop fortress.’

It should not be considered abnormal that Israel is willing to subtly promote Turkish interests and facilitate the weakening of Kurdish resolve. The benefits are reciprocal. After all, a sober assessment of Middle-Eastern affairs allows one to detect that Turkey has always attempted to hinder the ‘Axis of Resistance’, that is, the Muslim States that oppose Zionism, notably Lebanon-Syria-Iraq-Yemen and ‘the great anathema of Judaism’, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

By enabling the Turkish invasion of North-East Syria, Israel and its allies in Washington have achieved to further obfuscate Bashar al-Assad’s righteous efforts in completing the unification of his nation. If Erdogan achieves to entrench his army and his vicious allies in the North, these vast and mineral rich regions will remain outside Baathist reach. More so, let us not forget that Turkey was one of the most important backers of ISIS. In June 2014, Daniel Pipes, contributing writer of the Washington Times had informed Western readers that:

‘Kurds, academic experts and the Syrian opposition agree that Syrians, Turks (estimated to number 3,000), and foreign fighters (especially Saudis but also a fair number of Westerners) have crossed the Turkish-Syrian border at will, often to join ISIS. What Turkish journalist Kadri Gursel calls a “two-way jihadist highway,” has no bothersome border checks and sometimes involves the active assistance of Turkish intelligence services. CNN even broadcast a video on “The secret jihadi smuggling route through Turkey.” Actually, the Turks offered far more than an easy border crossing: they provided the bulk of ISIS’ funds, logistics, training and arms. Turkish residents near the Syrian border tell of Turkish ambulances going to Kurdish-ISIS battle zones and then evacuating ISIS casualties to Turkish hospitals. Indeed, a sensational photograph has surfaced showing ISIS commander Abu Muhammad in a hospital bed receiving treatment for battle wounds in Hatay State Hospital in April 2014. One Turkish opposition politician estimates that Turkey has paid $800 million to ISIS for oil shipments. Another politician released information about active duty Turkish soldiers training ISIS members … Why the Turkish support for wild-eyed extremists? Because Ankara wants to eliminate two Syrian polities, the Assad regime in Damascus and Rojava (the emerging Kurdish state) in the northeast.’

With that in mind, we can comprehend why, during its golden years, the Islamic State had nebulously proclaimed that Israel was not its enemy! On March 15, 2016, the Caliphate’s weekly newspaper al-Naba had published an article titled ‘Beit Al-Maqdis (Jerusalem) …First and Foremost an Issue of Shari’a Law’. Within the document one could find the following declaration:

‘The apostate (tyrants) who rule the lands of Islam are graver infidels than (the Jews), and war against them takes precedence over war against the original infidels.’

At the end of the day, it is all an elaborate hoax. We are told Turkey entered Kurdish held territories in Syria primarily to ensure a safe-zone for ‘refugees’ and combating ‘terrorists’ (without distinguishing ISIS remnants from Kurdish militia) while we do know that in the past, Ankara had facilitated the same Islamists that Trump, now, supposedly allowed them to eliminate. The same Islamists mind you that were largely eliminated by Syrian, Iranian, Russian and Hezbollah forces and whose remnants in the North were captured and contained by the YPG, right until the arrival of Turkish forces causing such chaos allowing hundreds (if not thousands by now) of the most deplorable Muslim extremists to escape!

If we are to exclude all the propagandistic ‘catchphrases’ all the lies and disinformation campaign, we are left with the concrete evidence that as of today, Turkey, supported by the United States Government and Israel, has procured a war with multiple objectives, beneficial to all who endorse it.

Having such powerful allies and such concrete assurances, allows the Turkish gangster to assume the attitude of a dauntless warlord that is able to exclaim:

‘They say ‘declare a ceasefire’. We will never declare a ceasefire. They are pressuring us to stop the operation. They are announcing sanctions. Our goal is clear. We are not worried about any sanctions.’

Trump may declare to the public that:

‘(if Erdogan attempts to wipe out the Kurds) I will wipe out his economy’ … will see how he does it (combating ‘Kurdish militia’). He can do it in a soft manner, he can do it in a tough manner and if he does it unfairly, he is going to pay a very big economic price.’

But what does that even mean? If a state begins preparations to carry a plan of systematic extermination and displacement, your answer is simply to impose economic sanctions? At least try to fabricate a more convincing threat, because in any case you are signaling to the whole world that you have given the barbarians a Carte blanche.

All of the above are simply primary sources and paradigms that further our understanding of the issue as it currently stands. Now, comes the part where we will discuss what these events entail for the future.

On October 16, General Hulusi Akar, Turkish Minister of National Defence, posted the following picture in his Facebook page:

Here, we observe Erdogan, wearing a military jacket, standing in-front of a map depicting the borders of a future ‘Greater Turkey’ and pointing to North Syria that is clearly shown as part of his prospective Empire. In addition, we see that large swaths of North Iraq, including the renowned oil fields of Mosul are also incorporated. Finally, … in the West … we witness that the entirety of the 25th Meridian, aka the Eastern Aegean, has been annexed. The Greek islands of Chios, Samos, Lesvos, Icaria, Rhodes etc are shown as parts of this Neo-Ottoman monstrosity and Cyprus, naturally, having the same fate. If what is shown in this map was to become reality, what would be the ramifications for Europe and the Middle-East? Undoubtedly, the ‘Axis of Resistance’ would lose substantial regions capable of sustaining its economic and military capabilities. Syria and Iraq would become so weak as to never truly threat the Israeli aims for future expansion and Iran would be deprived from its most robust strategic allies in the region. In the West, the annexation of Greek territories, if successful, would be accomplished under the guise of Turks simply rushing to the assistance of their ‘brethren’ suffering under the ‘yoke’ of Greek ‘oppression’. It happened before. In 1974, Cyprus was invaded only when the US government had provided ascent and after Turkey had declared that the ‘Turco-Cypriots’ (at the time, a fabricated term) were threatened by Greek ‘right wing groups. This time, war goal justification will be less apocryphal. As of today, only in the island of Samos, more than 7.500 Muslim ‘refugees’ have settled. In the capital of the island, Vathy, in just one year, the indigenous inhabitants have become a minority in their own land. A week ago, Turkish officials contacted the island’s Greek authorities, issuing a formal request for an inquiry regarding ‘the well-being and good treatment of their co-religionists’. This is how it begins …

Years ago, in a speech he gave to the Syrian Parliament in Damascus, President Bashar al-Assad had prophetically warned the Kurds for what was to come:

‘We say to those groups who bet on the Americans. The Americans will not protect you. The Americans will not put you in their eyes or their hearts. The Americans will put you in their pockets so you can be tools in their barter and they have already started it. If you do not prepare yourselves to defend your country and resist you will be but slaves of Ottomans. You will be protected but by your government. You will not be defended but by the Syrian Arab Army.’

The Kurds had their prophecy and chose to ignore it. It would seem that Greece recently received hers. On October 12, the Russian Ambassador to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, attending the ‘Dialogue of Civilizations Forum’ held (ironically) in the island of Rhodes, made the following remarks to TASS news agency:

‘We had warned the Kurds that the Americans will abandon them. And here, in Rhodes, I can personally warn the Greeks about it, that they will have the same fate as the Kurds.’

In conclusion, I urge the readers of ‘Fash the Nation’ to recall a time when the US was genuinely a force of reason. A time when Washington foreign policy developed along the lines of our shared Anglo-Saxon ethics, when the bonds between us Europeans and our cousins in America were based on mutual respect and cooperation for the betterment of our distinct civilization. When in 1801, just 25 years after the Declaration of Independence was ratified, President Thomas Jefferson initiated the First Barbary War (1801-1805), dispatching Commodore Richard Dale with a powerful armada, to annihilate the Moroccan and Tripolitanian offspring of the Ottomans, the West felt immense relief and pride for that nascent white nation beginning its phenomenal ascendance across the Atlantic. It is the author’s hope that, when the Neo-Ottoman will begin anew his drive westward, the American public will know that Greece, been its first victim, will suffer a terrible blow that, in no small part, will have been orchestrated by those who have hijacked the US government.

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