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Michigan to Create Thought Criminal Database



Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has announced plans to create a “hate crime” unit in order to track Michigan residents who disagree with the official government ideology, the Detroit News reports. The term “hate crime unit” is misleading, because the group’s purpose will not be solely to prosecute hate crimes, but also to create a database of people who do not submit to globohomo ideology.


Nessel stated that she will surveil anyone listed on the SPLC’s hate group tracker, along with anyone else she deems to have committed a thought violation. It is important to understand that these are not convicted criminals or people who the state has reason to believe have committed or are planning to commit a crime. The new database is specifically designed to target law-abiding Americans. The SPLC list is simply a list of people with whom the SPLC disagrees. The government will investigate citizens based, not on their actions, but what their political opinions are.

The SPLC already decides what content can appear on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Now, along with the Michigan government, it will decide who does and does not have First Amendment rights.

Michigan Civil Rights Director (whatever that means) Agustin Arbulu stated that he is making a database documenting “hate and bias incidents that don’t rise to the level of a crime.” In case that was unclear, he said he is making a database to track the legal activity of residents. That means if the eye of Arbulu, Nessel, or the SPLC falls on you, your communications, personal associations, and thoughts will all be documented and scrutinized.

Arbulu also said he wants “to be proactive and address issues before they rise to the level of a crime.” So, not only are they watching wrong-thinkers, they actually plan on intervening and somehow stamping out dissent. There is no mechanism by which the state can prosecute legal behavior, so it is unclear what exactly Arbulu plans on doing to the law-abiding citizens. He ominously warned Michiganders, “We are watching, and we won’t allow hate to divide us.”

This is obviously extremely illegal, but it is unlikely that will stop it from happening. Non-governmental organizations like the SPLC, ADL, and others have been in the business of monitoring and attacking political dissidents for years. Now the Michigan government wants in on the game.

So, who will be on the list? The SPLC has over 1,000 listed groups, ranging from pro-White organizations to Christian groups listed because they support the biblical definition of marriage. The list consists of thousands of people, many of whom have views that are totally mainstream outside of the hyper-liberal echo chamber of government and (((elite society))). In addition to that, the state reserves the right to add anyone it wishes to the list. Criticism of Israel, race realism, pro-White activism, and many other forms of expression could land you on the list. Any public political expression from a White person that is not explicitly globohomo in nature could land him on the list.

As of right now, there appear to be no legal challenges to this clear infringement of rights. What if Michigan tried to put together a list of “hateful” Muslims and Jews? Undoubtedly it would be challenged and struck down by the courts. However, it is perfectly acceptable to make this list, which is sure to be almost 100% White, if not entirely White.

When paired with the increasingly anti-White rhetoric of politicians at the national level, this is extremely concerning.

The model set in Michigan could be the blueprint for other states, and eventually the federal government. The people in charge of Michigan and the United States are determined to shut down White political dissent and eliminate free speech in America.

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