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Zero to Eighty-Eight: Notes on Building a Deep State

By Lawrence Murray Donald John Trump has been elected President of the United States. He retains Huffington Post cited “White Nationalist,” “Anti-Semite,” and former Breitbart executive Steven Bannon as one of his official advisors. Peter Thiel—Gawker slayer, contrarian billionaire, and President Trump’s only notable Silicon Valley backer—is a member of the transition team, and along […]



By Lawrence Murray

Donald John Trump has been elected President of the United States. He retains Huffington Post cited “White Nationalist,” “Anti-Semite,” and former Breitbart executive Steven Bannon as one of his official advisors. Peter Thiel—Gawker slayer, contrarian billionaire, and President Trump’s only notable Silicon Valley backer—is a member of the transition team, and along with Bannon will help the Trump administration select some 4000 personnel. Alabama senator and “racist” Jeff Sessions is President Trump’s pick for attorney general. Kansas representative Mike Pompeo, an “islamophobe,” is being considered for head of the CIA. As necessary as these developments are to the cause of peaceful political revolution in the United States in benefit of her founding European stock, they are alone ultimately insufficient.

As your author has suggested previously, civic nationalism had the potential to win by a hair. But whether its colorblind adherents like it or not—realize it or not—civic nationalism in the United States is whiter than a hipster bar in Brooklyn. In other words, White nationalists and civic nationalists are, for all intents and purposes, on the same side (even if civic nationalists fail the Alt-Right threshold). Ethno-nationalism is, to be concise, the extremist variety of civic nationalism in that it limits both the origin and values of the citizen, as it includes ancestry and heritage rather than purely muh shared values. In practice however, the civic nationalism of many conservatives limits citizenship by origin as well. Whites and model minorities or successful individuals of minority groups are the face of civic nationalism; less well-regarded are illegal immigrants (mestizos who violate the sanctity of citizenship) or urban criminals (blacks who violate the standards of White civility). So it’s not hard to see why the left parses the Republican party and the conservative movement as being racist—what they value happens to be very White or White-presenting. Returning to a society that values Whiteness is an important thing for us, and something civic nationalists do implicitly and White nationalists do explicitly.

Both forms of nationalism are opposed by globalists and the left, so we must be willing to cooperate in even limited capacities or sink. In fact, that both President Trump and David Duke are considered “White supremacists” by tens of millions of voters is all you need to know about the alignments being made here. Case and point are the ongoing anti-Trump (ergo anti-American and anti-White) protests in America’s Progressive cities, like New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland. These people hate the idea of an exclusionary state that favors quality over equality and nationality-based privilege over ideological grievance-based privilege. This is the credo of the (((Soros))) funded Open Society Foundations and the “color revolutions” of Eastern Europe: to destroy borders in the name of equality, but in actuality to the benefit of international financial capitalism.

The enemy thinks that President Trump is further right than he actually is, that he is Literally Hitler™ and must be fought tooth and nail. And who knows, their nightly mockery of the democratic process they demanded he respect might change his mind. It may already have. How long can you ignore people protesting you winning the election they demanded you respect the results of?

And if ongoing events have moved him further right, President Trump needs to adopt levels of realism that shouldn’t even be possible. He has a few mortal years to shore up the United States to make it structurally impossible to elect his enemies to a governing majority or the presidency, and to make sure in the event of inevitable strife that the security forces of the United States, domestic and abroad, municipal and federal, are loyal not merely to his person but to his political allies and protégés. And if such people do not exist they must be dredged from the muck of Weimerica and made accustomed to power so they are ready to wield it in the coming decades. This will not be easy for a nominal conservative in a country where the majority of births are to ethnic groups whose majorities vote liberal.

The United States needs a deep state if any sort of pro-White or nationalist politics are to survive as not merely a viable force, but a controlling stake in American society. That means that Washington has to be radically transformed into an instrument of unrelenting ideological opportunism rather than a mindless bureaucracy that stonewalls inputs and produces half-measured outputs. Nationalists of both varieties will ultimately be at the center of this transformation, which must take place.

Enter the Deep State

President Trump’s ideal path forward, for the Alt-Right and for the interest of White nationalism, is to build the foundations of a deep state. He ran on a platform of being a builder, and with the executive, the legislature, and soon the judiciary under nominal GOP control, he has much greater opportunities for change than any president in recent memory. If President Trump is to succeed in our favor, he must not merely be an abberation to presentism, but initiate a paradigm shift against time. It’s time to take back the current year. The Trump administration will either erect a deep state that implements lasting nationalism or become a footnote as future leftists undo his work.

Since I want to expand on this, it’s worth reviewing some of what I’ve written on the potential and form of a nationalist deep state previously.

First, we must understand that President Trump’s victory is numerically fragile due to demographic changes in the electorate that work against us going forward. The browning of Texas, if not mitigated, will remove the keystone of GOP viability in national elections. Ditto for swing-state Florida, which the GOP will have a harder path to the presidency without. In addition, Trump did not win the popular vote, which while irrelevant to the results does undermine his mandate to an extent. With a divided public, President Trump will need a united administration:

Hardliner civic nationalists (who are almost White nationalists in practice) win, but the left does not retreat. They come to power by the skin of their teeth against an enemy that is not looking to compromise. It’s a 51% sort of situation [actually 47-47 at last count], but it will be the last time open democracy is allowed to elect an administration. The government and a number of important departments and institutions (such as the army, the police, the intelligence apparatus) are purged of leftists and placed firmly in the hands of nationalists and authoritarian conservatives, while the population is inclined towards even more extreme liberalism than now. The culture war was lost, remember? The United States ends up de facto run by de facto White nationalists, but mostly populated by third worlders, due to ongoing demographic shifts.

Second, the administration has to affect a cultural transformation inside the bureaucracy regarding what the state values and what it views as threats. Business as usual cannot continue:

Institutionally a culture develops in the leadership caste of the deep state that views the country as on the brink of collapse (which is probably true), and believes un-democratic and repressive measures are needed to preserve it. The government is redpilled, or even blackpilled so to speak, on how bad the demographics of the United States have become, and realizes it has acted far too late to make it great again. While not a total police state, the country clearly shifts away from liberal democracy. Opposition parties can exist, the executive doesn’t have to be explicitly pro-deep state but at least pay lip service, and local governments can diverge on some issues, but there are lines which cannot be crossed, and savvy politicians and parties that don’t want to end up in a bad place know it.

Finally, the administration must entrench loyal personnel and build pipelines for ideological succession, otherwise it will not survive even “unfair” elections:

Should civic nationalists, who are implicitly White, come to power in the United States within the next couple of election cycles, they may find it impossible to win these contests going forward as the electorate becomes more diverse and left-wing. They would then be in a similar position as Kemalists, governing a population which wants something staunchly different than its leaders. Civic nationalists would have to set up a deep state; they’d need to control the army, internal security, and intelligence bureaus, win the loyalty of the business and mafia classes or create new ones, redistrict legislative seats, change voting laws, gerrymander the whole country to give more power to rural and suburban (White) counties, etc., to keep control. Otherwise the country might regress to Anglo-Brazil. And from their perspective, that would be bad, as bad as Islamism is to Kemalists.

So to recap, President Trump needs to build a state within a state to ensure the continuity of his policies after he leaves office, otherwise it will have all been for nothing. And if he fails to do so, there may never be another opportunity to pursue this route of gradual transformation again. A Trump victory does not repudiate the progress of the third worldist left; a deep state is necessary to counter it and start rolling it back.

Building the Deep State

What sort of changes would be necessary for a deep state to take root? In short, we need a guiding principle of unrelenting opportunism. In other words, any decision, policy, appointee, or program must be based on the question: Does this advance the position of nationalists within the United States government? There really are no other considerations; hence it is unrelenting opportunism because nothing would dissuade the nationalists from their task of retaining political control, societal influence, and the ability to project force.

It must be axiomatic to the deep statist that whatever reduces the scope of the deep state or weakens its foundations must be checked, contained, reversed, or pacified. The iron-gripped control of institutions is of paramount importance to steering a society in which the population has degenerated too far to choose the right path.

A second guiding principle is to understand that the enemies being confronted are traitors and invaders. You can always regroup and rally to the standard to fight an invader, but traitors must be dealt with urgently. They cannot be allowed to fester and undermine the nationalist project. Anywhere they are they must be deprived of power and influence, and made to deal with whatever consquences can be imposed. They ought to be forced into as much a state of shadows as the far-right is today and deeply discouraged from openly propagandizing and agitating.

There are many ways to work through these paradigms, and many ways to reorgnize the government and how it is constituted to produce better internal and external outcomes. And it can all be done while remaining within the law, however stretched and bent it may need to become. Therefore, potential policies are as inexhaustible as potential scenarios the deep state would be faced with. I shall try to outline a few here.

First things first: You’re Fired. The den of vipers must be dealt with. Drain the swamp. Nearly all Democratic appointees and plenty of Republican appointees simply have to go. It doesn’t matter how long this takes or how much it sets back the ordinary functioning of the state bureaucracy—anyone who cannot be deemed reliable enough to execute on the goal of “Making America Great Again” under President Trump has to go back. This class of traitors is not only high profile but salaried as well. Purge anyone who is allowed to be purged and start looking for successors to people who are lifetime appointees. There must be a pipeline and it must have senior and junior relationships to feed an extra-governmental talent pool that ensures ideological continuity. Everything needs to be gutted and rebuilt, from Obama’s military brass to the intelligence bureaus. All court appointees especially must be far-right. Remember, no compromise is necessary if you are the deciding party. The objective of the deep state is to become the only deciding party inside the state by cunning and contortion.

It is often remarked that Trumpism might not be viable post-Trump; how that works out is entirely on President Trump himself. If he is as good at staffing decisions as he claims, he needs to make sure not a single skeptic is in his administration. He needs people who are on point because there is no room for leeway. Either you do what needs to be done, dutifully, or you don’t. Anyone else is suspect in a country where half the population is permanently opposed to you. The Paul Ryans and Newt Gingriches of the world are not reliable. In fact, the fresher the faces, the better. People who only remember the disgrace and dysfunction of Clintons, Bushes, and Obamas are ready for nationalism. People attached to the cult of Ronald “Amnesty” Reagan are not.

Second: the pro-Trump electorate must be shored up. Trump needs to make sure that elections going forward are largely rubber stampings of his agenda or his successors and their agenda. That means returning a GOP majority each cycle. Therefore it is absolutely mandatory that all illegal immigrants be deported and refugee resettlement programs end. (In fact, you pretty much need a deep state in the first place to deport millions of people). These people vote Democrat by a large majority and birth more Democrats. The left understands this, which is why it is so pro-immigration and anti-White. Jus soli, or magic dirt birthright citizenship, must be legally ended and replaced by the global norm of jus sanguinis, requiring parents to be citizens for the child to become one. Naturalizations must be frozen as well, and ideally all immigration shut down (since most immigrants are non-white and therefore liberal voters), with exceptions being made only for extremely particular cases like White South Africans (Boers, Afrikaners, etc.) who are victims of pre-genocidal state policies. Imagine what resettling a few hundred thousand Afrikaners in Pennsylvania or Florida would mean for elections. Arizona and Texas might need a booster shot as well.

If immigration cannot be completely halted, another useful route would be to pass a new national origins quota act. The 1924 Immigration Act, also known as the Johnson-Reed Act, set up a national origins quota for who could enter the United States as a reaction to changes in the ethnic composition of the immigrant population after the 1880s. The law limited entry visas to two percent of the total number of people of each nationality in the United States as of the 1890 national census and greatly favored Northern Europe. A new law could look at the most recent census prior to the Hart-Celler Act , i.e. the 1960 census, when most immigration was still from European countries.

As a stopgap measure until legislation is passed, President Trump can just ban any class of foreigners from the country. The executive branch can do this without any input from Congress or the Sanhedrin:

“Whenever the president finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.” —U.S. Code § 1182 (Inadmissible Aliens)

Third: the existing anti-Trump electorate must be suppressed. Recall that anti-Trump forces at this point have major overlap with being anti-American (from a left perspective) and of course, being anti-White. This should be an easy sell then for those who care about winning, power, and the future of the country. Returning to the principle of ruthless opportunism, one can begin to see how minimizing the anti-Trump constituency is possible. Intensive voter ID laws (two proofs of identity), a federal ban on felons voting, stricter residency requirements (having to live in your district for a certain amount of years to vote in it, otherwise you must vote absentee), limiting early voting in duration (1-2 days) and in eligibility (to the disabled, elderly, or those who work long hours), etc. As the last three election cycles have shown, identity-driven turnout pretty much decides who wins. It is then obvious that disparate impact is the best policy for a nationalist deep state. These measures would go a long way to throttle Democratic turnout. It’s time to meme “voter suppression” into reality.

It might also be worth legalizing marijuana at the federal level in order to torpedo much of the ‘libertarian vote’ and take these people out of electoral politics. The ‘libertarian party’ is disproprotionately White and male, as are President Trump’s supporters, and removing their second choice would be helpful in the long-run. Either they will become Republican voters, or just not particpate at all having gotten their single issue realized.

Fourth: the internal geopolitics of the Empire must be managed proactively. Let’s call it national gerrymandering. This is where things get a little more drastic and require a lot a significant stretch, but doing so would be extremely helpful. For example, does the United States really need the diverse island territories of Puerto Rico, Samoa, and Guam? These people should be set free. What about Hawaii? That’s harder to get rid of since it is politically integrated into the Union but who knows what could be accomplished with the CIA and an anti-Washington independence movement. Decolonization is one way to look at it; getting rid of this blue state from Congress and the electoral college is a form of social justice. Let’s end racism and White supremacy in Hawaii! Remember: Does this advance the position of nationalists within the United States government?

What about some of those larger blue states like New York and California? Could they be reorganized to get more Republican senators? Upstate New York voted for President Trump but he lost the state because of New York City. There is a rift to be exploited here for sure that would benefit the nationalist agenda and help keep a continuous Republican majority. Upstate New York could be organized to return a Republican majority. The current New York state legislature is split between a Democrat-controlled Senate and a Republican-controlled House (yes, seriously!). A partition could possibly net the Republicans two new senators while the Democrats would remain unchanged.

Or what about California, another state where millions voted for Trump but he got nothing out of it? Three Californias could possibly get you three or four Republican senators. Northern California leans conservative but is overpowered by the urban colored majority elsewhere in the state. Detatching Silicon Valley and its environs from [Southern] California would likely produce two Democratic senators, but leave the remaining state divided between the liberal coast and the conservative interior. So potentially in California, if broken up, the Republicans could gain three senators while the Democrats gain three but only net one because the original blue California with two was essentially deleted. Other states are less plausible splits but it would be politically beneficial to detach metro areas in parts of the Midwest from their states, e.g. Chicago and Illinois, Detroit and Michigan. State partitions would shake up the electoral college to nationalists’ advantage so long as they target current blue states.

What about secession proposals like the trending #Calexit? Without California, there would have been no “Clinton firewall,” not even theoretically. That’s a lot of electoral votes, to say nothing of the deleterious cultural and demographic effects on the rest of the country that California has. An independent California would also become a magnet for anti-Trump exiles, like France was for the left during General Franco’s rule in Spain. Imagine that: self-exiling of undesirables here naturally, legally, and illegally. Granted it would be a lot of nice real estate to give up, but the path forward for a White homeland is much easier without having Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and a negrified version of Mexico in your country’s largest political sub-unit. So again: Does this advance the position of nationalists within the United States government?

Fifth: Reprisal is crucial to long-term success. You don’t fight to the enemy to almost a draw only to let them regroup and patch themselves up. The sancutary cities need their funding cut. They are breeding grounds for the left. The bureaucracies which serve illegal immigrants as clients must be choked off as well. Public university systems need to be targeted for cuts, and federal programs to help liberal arts students go to college need to go down the drain. These produce anti-white leftists in the net, wiping out whatever benefits they may bring us. Since the Right cannot retake these institutions it must throttle them. The next generation of third worldist professors should be serving coffee, not going to graduate school. Encourage the sciences and trade school, not “critical theory.”

On the security front, states must be made to honor one another’s gun permits, and this could be achieved much in the same way that road safety standards and the nation-wide drinking age were implemented, if the will exists to do it. This will benefit rightists the most and make the administration more popular with its base, so it is a natural move that bolsters our side and punishes the left by ruining one of their key long-term agenda items (to disarm the gun-owning Right). In the public space, when possible, the federal government should attempt to go over the heads of city administrators in working together with municipal police forces, as the police are natural allies of the deep state. This will become all the more important as liberal city governments try to obstruct President Trump and protests and riots escalate. Together, loyal police officers and armed citizens can suppress the threat of leftist mass mobilization and demonstrations before they even happen, and apply pressure on local anti-Trump governments to comply with the federal program. So to recap, strengthening private [conservative] gun ownership and police ties not only benefits the deep state but also tramples upon two cherished policy planks of the left.

Oh and of course, escalate any criminal proceedings against thorny political opponents. Hillary Clinton needs to be prosecuted. Let the enemy know that you too think compromise is not an option. This will make the Democratic party even more rabidly anti-Trump and run more extreme candidates. Since President Trump will be the status quo in what is still a White majoritarian society, having the opposition spiral deeper into anti-Trump/anti-American/anti-White politics will work to his favor and buy him more time. Steer the opposition towards adopting an increasingly absurd and confrontational platform.

Look at Me, L’état c’est Moi Now

White America needs a deep state if we are to emerge from the Empire with the least amount of pain and destruction possible. And if President Trump wants to pass on right-wing civic nationalism to his successors, to say nothing of laying the foundations for future White nationalism, he needs to treat his administration like a revolutionary clique taking over a conquered country. His enemies are certainly not treating him like a minor distraction. He must be both Prince and Leviathan.

If President Trump wants to succeed, he has to have proverbial stormtroopers raid the front and back offices of the state and clean them out, followed by a structural overhaul of the state itself. This is the only way to salvage the country for our folk without going through something a lot worse. Make America Great Again.

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